7 Reasons to Build Your Start-Up in a Shared Office Space in Dubai

Shared Office Space in Dubai

Dubai has transformed itself into the dream destination for entrepreneurs from all around the world. The economy of Dubai is growing at an exponential rate. Additionally, the Dubai govt is supporting the growth by adding new policies and regulations and modifying the existing ones.

This step by the Dubai government has eased the way for entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Dubai.

However, starting your own business in Dubai is not as easy as it seems. You will still need to follow a few steps before you can set up your business and start your business operations. Having an office space as your base of operations is very important for your business to function properly.

A variety of options is available to you in Dubai to choose from as your office space. Shared office spaces in Dubai are getting pretty popular in Dubai among entrepreneurs. Here we will help you to decide if a shared office space is better suited for your start-up business in Dubai

What is a Shared Office Space?

Shared office space is essentially a fully furnished office space that is divided into different parts and rented out to different businesses at the same time. As result, you will only need to pay rent only for the part of the office you are renting. Basically, the rent of the whole office is divided among the businesses renting the shared office space.

So, the cost of rent will be lower compared to the other options available in the market. However, you will still have access to all the facilities of the office without incurring any extra cost. This is one of the biggest reasons behind shared office spaces getting popular among entrepreneurs.

7 Reasons to Build Your Start-Up in a Shared Office Space in Dubai

#1. Cost-effective

When starting your business in Dubai, the cost will be a big concern for you. You will need to be very careful when planning the budget for your business operation. Starting your business with a shared office space will reduce your cost of operation significantly which will allow you to invest the resources in your other business operations.

Compared to leasing an executive office space, leasing a shared office space will save you a lot of money. Additionally, by renting a shared office space in Dubai, you will have access to all the facilities required for your business to function properly without paying any extra money for it.

Shared office space is the best cost-effective option available to you which is also better suited to support your start-up business in Dubai. So, it is a no-brainer to miss out on this opportunity.

#2. Prime Locations

The location of the office of your start-up business will have a significant impact on your business operations. A prime business location will have a positive impact on the mind of the customer.

However, having an office in the commercial workspace in Dubai is not usually sustainable for any start-up business considering the renting cost will always be high. Shared office spaces come with a solution.

By renting a shared office space, you can have your base of operation in a prime location without paying a high renting cost. Having your business in commercial districts in Dubai will open up many opportunities for your business.

#3. All-Inclusive Services

A shared office space comes will all the necessary facilities your business needs to function properly. Facilities like IT support, conference room, and breakroom will be available to you. However, there might be some restrictions on the usage of those facilities as those facilities will be shared among the businesses. Utilizing those facilities will make your business more productive and efficient.

#4. Networking opportunities

With shared office space, your will be sharing the office spaces with other businesses. This will give you huge networking and business opportunity. It is possible that you might be sharing the office space with your next client. Networking will be vital for the growth of your Start-up business.

With the right network, you will be able to explore opportunities that were not available to you otherwise. You will also get support from the relationships you build along the way. And a shared office space will be a great opportunity for networking and building relationships.

#5. Expanding Opportunity

As the business grows, you will need to plan the expansion of your business operations. Shared office space is a cost-effective way of expanding your business in Dubai.

You will be able to rent shared office spaces all over the country without incurring a high cost. So, while planning for the future, renting a shared office space would be the best option to build your start-up business in Dubai.

#6. Flexible Contract

The shared office space providers usually offer flexible terms of the contract on leasing a shared office space in Dubai. So, you can customize the leasing contract for a shared office space in Dubai that better suits your business needs. You can rent a shared office space on monthly basis in Dubai.

This clears the flexibility of renting a shared office space in Dubai. However, you can even lower the cost of leasing by renting the shared office space for a longer period if you are planning on running the business operation from the location for a longer period of time.

#7. Brand image

Brand image is very important for the sustainability of a business. A positive brand image will increase the loyalty of your customer and increase your brand value. For a start-up business, maintaining a positive brand image is very important.

With a shared office space, you will be located in a prestigious location in Dubai which will boost your brand image. A prime location will improve your credibility and acceptance by improving the brand image. This can be achieved by your start-up business by leasing a shared office space in Dubai.

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