Business Center Packages

In the current economic ecosystem, it is important for businesses to have a flexible workspace. A flexible workspace allows your business to grow and scale seamlessly. Spider BC offers business center packages in Dubai, UAE that are tailored to take care of your business’s office needs and give you maximum flexibility. Spider BC gives you access to our in-house experts who will take care of your licensing, banking, trademarks, visas, and IT needs so that you can focus on what is most important for your business.

What Do We Provide for Your Startup?

  • Aesthetic and distraction-free workspaces.
  • Administrative staff.
  • Trademark registration services.
  • Meeting facilities.
  • Business consulting and support services.
  • Legal agreement and licensing services.
  • Normal and general trading licenses.
  • Co-working facilities.
  • Opportunity to network with some of the most competent workers throughout the world.

Which business center package will be the best for your business?

Business center packages in the UAE offer three options for your startup’s office needs. These three options are virtual office spaces, coworking office spaces, and private office spaces. All three of these have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each caters to different types of business. For example, a business that thrives on collaboration will benefit more from choosing a coworking office space because they will get the opportunity to network with other businesses.

If you are wondering which business center package will cater to the needs of your business, here is a list of benefits provided by each of these packages:

Virtual office spaces

  • Affordable business address

One of the biggest selling points of virtual office spaces is their affordability. Even if your employees do not need to work from a fixed office space, a business still needs a business address for several important reasons. For starters, it leaves a good impression on clients and investors because your business seems more legit.

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  • Dedicated business phone number

A dedicated phone number makes your business seem professional. Giving your personal mobile number out there for business purposes is not only unprofessional but also risky.

  • Office and meeting rooms

On the off chance that you need a physical place for work or meetings, virtual offices offer such arrangements as well. If you need to meet clients or other business associates, you can use their meeting rooms. If you need office space for some collaborative work, you can avail of that as well.

  • Administrative staff

Since virtual office spaces are provided by business centers, they have their own trained administrative staff. This means you will also receive the benefits of having a front desk receptionist. Should any customer, client, or business associate decide to visit the physical address, they will receive a warm welcome.

  • Business scalability

One big limitation of permanent office space is scalability. If you want to hire more people in a permanent office space, either you need to cram more people in the existing space or lease more space to accommodate, which is costly. Virtual office spaces allow businesses to scale up or down easily without the accommodation problem.

Co-working office spaces

  • Cost efficiency

While coworking spaces are more costly than virtual office spaces, they are still more affordable than private office spaces. The reason for this affordability is that you share an office space with other like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. This means that the cost of the space is shared between you and your coworkers, so the office space is more affordable for everyone.

  • Flexibility

While leasing or buying office spaces are long-term investments that require a lot of capital. Coworking spaces are more flexible and do not require huge upfront capital investment. You can rent for a flexible period of time according to your needs without paying any extra charges.

  • Collaborative environment

Businesses that welcome a collaborative environment can take advantage of coworking spaces the most. For example, let us say you own a marketing agency and need an extra hand for graphics editing work. You will find an experienced freelancer or an agency working in the coworking space with you.

  • Reduced responsibilities

The maintenance and security of the coworking space are the responsibility of the business center that owns the space. When you own traditional office space, these responsibilities lie with you. You need to hire extra hands for these, which is both time-consuming and expensive.

  • Lucrative package

Since business centers in Dubai and in other places in the UAE are in competition to provide the best coworking spaces. You will find each of them offers a unique package with varieties of added amenities like snacks and recreational games.

Private office spaces

  • Confidentiality

Not all businesses require a collaborative environment. In fact, some businesses require privacy to maintain their competitive advantage. Businesses that require physical office spaces and cannot risk letting their competitors know their strategies should opt for private office spaces.

  • Customizability

Private office quarters have more freedom in terms of customizability. You can arrange your office according to your needs to maximize efficiency and productivity.

  • Less overhead costs

As we mentioned before, ultimately the business center owns the place and they are responsible for its maintenance and security. This not only reduces your costs but also lifts additional headaches from your plate. Instead, you can focus on more important matters regarding your business.

  • Short-term flexibility

Private office spaces are rented monthly. You can find lucrative packages for private offices everywhere in Dubai and the UAE. If you need to move offices, you can do so easily because there is no long-term lease involved. As these office spaces are fully furnished, you do not need to spend money on your own furniture when moving in. Also, you do not need to hire movers when changing offices.

  • Healthy working conditions

As social distancing rules were put into place, workplace safety became a top priority. Since you will not be sharing private offices with any other businesses or individuals, you can maintain social distance and ensure the office is not overcrowded. You can also choose the lighting, ventilation, and heating to suit your needs.