Business Consultancy Packages

When it comes to a new business setup in Dubai, UAE, having a support system that helps you focus on what is important for your business is crucial. There are a lot of important decisions that need to be made and when your attention is diverted by the legalities, it becomes harder to make those decisions. Spider BC has specially tailored business consultancy packages that will suit the individual requirements of your specific business. When working with Spider BC, you get access to our in-house professionals that will take care of your startup’s licensing, banking, trademarks, visas, and information technology needs. We are the experts so that you do not have to be.

Which business consultancy package will be the best for your business?

First of all, the business consultancy package you require will depend on the economic zones you plan to set up your business in. There are two packages for free zones businesses and one for mainland business. Let us see under what conditions should you choose which package:

Business Consultancy Packages

Company Setup Package 1

You do not need to be present in the UAE to start a business in Dubai. By choosing Company Setup Package 1, you get the most affordable company setup services. This package will suit you even if you do not plan to be present in Dubai while setting up your business. Spider Business Center will set up the company in the free zone that is best for your type of business. They will also provide a virtual office space in that free zone for you. They will also procure several documents that are required to get the free zone trade license.

Company Setup Package 2

By choosing Company Setup Package 2, you get everything in Company Setup Package 1 and also eligibility for one investor visa. If you plan to start a business in a free zone that requires your presence in Dubai, then this package is the one you want to go for. Later after your visa is granted, you can get certain steps to sponsor more visas for your employee or even your spouse.

Company Setup Package 3

If you are looking to set up a company in Dubai mainland then Company Setup Package 3 is for you. The procedure of setting up a company in the mainland is different than in a free zone. It is more difficult as well. For some types of businesses in the mainland, foreigners need to work with local sponsors to share ownership for those businesses. You need consulting to look for a local sponsor who will be perfect for you. It is important to do background research when selecting sponsors. Spider BC has the connections required to find trustworthy local sponsors for you.

Freezone Silver Package (50% discount)
AED 13,500
Start your new Free-zone Company
All-inclusive package
Free-zone Trade license fees (Govt. fees)
Virtual office space in the free-zone
PRO service fee
Company stamp
1 visa eligibility (Cost is for license and 3-year visas)
Package 1 - Dubai Mainland
AED 15,999 Trade license included
100% ownership for professional license holders
Free sponsorship
Company stamp
PRO services
Sustainability/Estidama Contract
Freezone Basic Package
AED 5750
Trade License
No visa
Company stamp
Share Register
Business Consultancy

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business consultancy for your startup in Dubai

Why Hire a Business Consultancy for Your Startup in Dubai?

Starting a new business anywhere in the world brings in a boatload of new responsibilities that will distract you from the true purpose of your business. Your time is required to develop the product or improve the service provided by your business. However, starting a new business requires you to complete several legalities so that the government can regulate the business. These are headaches that will distract you from making the right decision and eventually make you lose motivation.

However, Dubai does not lack experts who have experience in setting up new businesses. You will find affordable business consulting packages in Dubai that will see you through these legalities. So, lets us see if these business consultant packages are worth your buck. Here are some of the benefits of the business consultant packages in Dubai:

Experienced staff

First and foremost, business consultancies have experienced professionals. Since business consultants have years of experience in setting up businesses in the UAE. They can navigate and complete all the legalities and registration processes in a breeze. Working in these fields for such a long time means they also have the necessary connections needed to streamline the whole process. Even if you are confident, you can navigate the legalities by yourself, the connections these business consultants have are an invaluable resource you cannot gather in a short time.

Market update

Since these professionals are always working closely within the market of the UAE. They always stay updated with the real-time dynamics of the business sectors and industries. They are also up to date with any new rules and regulations. Since the authorities are always amending existing laws and adding new ones in order to change the economic focus of the country, staying updated without the help of these consultants can be tough. That is why consulting with these professionals is almost a necessity to keep up with the changing economic landscape.

Market research

If you are a foreigner looking to get started in Dubai, then you need consulting regarding the market in the UAE. Starting a new business in an unfamiliar can be a daunting task. It can be disastrous if you do not do enough research regarding the new market. For example, if you are trying to bring a new product that has no demand in the market, your business will inevitably fail. However, with sufficient market research, you can deduct that your product will have no demand in the market. Hence, you can avoid costly mistakes in the first place.

Local laws

When you are consulting with the professionals, you are getting familiar with the local laws regarding commercial businesses in Dubai. Every country has different commercial laws catered to regulate the businesses in that region. The same is true for Dubai and the rest of the UAE. The business consultants will ensure your business is running according to the standards. This will ensure your business does not face any legal issues down the line.

The bottom line is that business consultant packages in the UAE will alleviate the major headaches of setting up a new business here. You can focus your time and energy on the more important matters will the help of the business consultants in Dubai. The Spider BC professionals have all the expertise and experience so that you do not have to exert yourself.