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The Best sources of Funding for Dubai Based Businesses

Business Finance in UAE

The right step to boost your business to a higher level is Business Finance. The entrepreneurs take the aid of finance to solve and handle unstable flow of cash and also to expand on a huge scale. They play a prime role by giving wings to your business. There are many options and opportunities given to Business Finance in UAE and is welcomed by many budding and existing entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at a few options below.

Bank Loans

A great credit score and the addition of assurance will make one perfect for business finance. But it comes with an interest rate which is not a good option. The bank loan provides stability which is needed by the entrepreneurs.

Non- Bank Lenders

If one does now want to get involved in the bank hands, then they have another option and that would be No Bank lenders. They help in providing finance to the companies for the growth purpose. They are few who also work with the startups that require no bank account.

Private Funds

There is a possibility to get finance for your business by offering the shares in their business. This is considered a risky step for startups and entrepreneurs.

Crowd Funding

This is the latest trend in the market. It is a process where the finance is done through social platforms where the business receives contribution from the public. The idea of business is presented to the public in detail form and one can contribute a sum if they like the business idea.

Venture Capital Fund

VC or the Venture Capital Fund is a choice if your business is huge enough to initiate the investment in a decade’s time. The Venture Capital can be secured only after the full proof business plan is submitted. If the investor or the firm is interested, they will perform the due diligence which would include the company investigation thoroughly, with its business products, models, management and services.


The investors lend money to the company at the regular payment interest. This is called Bonds. The maturity date is predetermined at the time of bond redeeming and the investor gets to repaid.

There are more options given by the government of UAE and they offer interest-free loans to the budding, medium and small size investments. The loans depend highly on the nature and type of business.

The Economic Development Department of Dubai also helps in financing services and options. One should take help from a good local advisor for securing the best for your business.