Business Setup in Dubai

Spider Business Center offers the best business setup in Dubai mainland. Offering a complete solution for a business setup in Dubai mainland or other UAE states. We have a team of expert consultants who will guide you each and every step regarding a business setup in Dubai.

Spider Business Center is experienced when it comes to business setup in Dubai and the UAE. Our experts have years of previous experience setting up various companies in the emirates. Our professionals are among the best business setup consultants in the UAE. The business setup services in Dubai we provide include government approvals, UAE trade licenses, and other professional services.

Company setup in Dubai could go south because of all the expenses and hassles if not consulted with some good business setup consultants in Dubai. With Spider Business Center, you are in safe hands. Just sit back and relax and let our experts handle your company formation process. Spider Business Center will help you to set up a business in Dubai with ease and affordable price.

The Depart of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai is responsible for handling all the license registration processes for new businesses in the Dubai mainland. The trade license registration is the most important step for any corporate entity or individual looking for company formation outside the free zones in Dubai.

Any enterprise with a DED license is often known as a ‘local company’. The DED acts as a one-stop service center that facilitates all the local companies doing business in Dubai.

For many SMEs looking to get started in the UAE, getting the local license from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai is preferred because then you can perform your business activities anywhere in Dubai. There are certain business activities that are only allowed when you open a locally licensed company.

However, unlike in a free zone where you can own 100% of any business. Dubai mainland does not allow 100% ownership to foreigners for certain types of businesses that are strategically important to the UAE. In such cases, you need a local sponsor, or a local service agent based on the business activities you mean to perform.

This inability to own 100% of certain businesses occasionally forces foreign investors to choose the free zones in Dubai for a company formation. In such cases, professional business setup consultants in Dubai can advise you on how to minimize your risks and maximize your profits.

Spider Business Center is one of the most dependable and reputable local company setup consultants in Dubai. We provide a wide variety of services to help you through the company formation process without any hiccups.

If you are looking to get started in Dubai, contact us today and one of our experienced consultants will get in touch with you. Our all-in-one affordable startup package with office space in Dubai Mainland starts from 89,800 AED/ 21,823 EUR/ 19,182 GBP/ 24,450 USD.

Business Setup in Dubai

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Dubai Mainland Company Setup

Dubai Mainland Company Setup

  • 100% exemption from corporate and personal income tax

Business owners get 100% exemption from having to pay income taxes on their earnings. Employees do not have to pay any taxes for their income via wages from your business as well.

  • 100% ownership for foreigners

Except for some strategically important business sectors like transportation, gas, and oil, foreigners can own 100% of businesses in Dubai mainland now. No local sponsor or local service agents required.

  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital

Both business owners and employees can move 100% of their earnings and profits back to their country. In case the business has to be sold; all the capital can be moved back to the home country as well.

  • 100% exemption from import and export duties

Business does not have any import and export duties for moving raw materials, work-in-progress, or finished products in and out of the UAE. That is why the SMEs and manufacturing businesses find Dubai attractive.

  • Straightforward registration process

The registration process will be handled by Spider Business Center. All you have to do is provide some required documents and pay the fees to get your business started in Dubai mainland.

  • Excellent customer support

It is not uncommon to face problems after your business has been formed in the UAE, since the language and lay of the land may be unfamiliar to foreigners. We have excellent customer support to help you through the way.

  • State-of-the-art office facilities

We provide the best office spaces, warehouses, and land that are available in Dubai. You will get an edge on the completion thanks to all the state-of-the-art facilities at your disposal.

  • Caters to SME and micro businesses

Since businesses in the mainland can trade and do business with the rest of the UAE without any restrictions. The mainland is the best option for SMEs and micro-businesses. The free zones do not allow businesses to trade or provide services outside of the respective free zone the business is located in.

  • No restrictions when hiring

Businesses do not have any restrictions when hiring foreign employees. Depending on the size of the company’s office space, the owner can sponsor a number of visas for the employees.

  • Flexibility in business activities

Free zones do not allow many business activities that it does not cater to. For example, Dubai Healthcare City will not allow IT business businesses. However, the whole range of business activities is allowed on the mainland.

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In Your All-In-One Package

  • Commercial trade license/ industrial trade license/ professional trade license/ tourism trade license ready to use.
  • Certificate of incorporation (paper and digital copy).
  • Share certificates (digital copies).
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (bound, paper, and digital copy).
  • Company register (digital).
  • The quota for Partner’s Residence Visa is preapproved.
  • All Dubai economic fees and government duties included.
  • No complicated or complex paper works to fill.
  • Free VAT registration when required.
  • Free accountancy consultation when required.
  • Office space in Dubai.
  • High-speed internet connection included.
  • Access to meeting rooms.
  • Access to the business lounge.
  • Receptionist and administrative staff.
  • Courier, mail, and P.O. Box services.
  • Bank account with online access and cheque book/ debit card.
  • Serviced office space including two workstations in Conrad Dubai Hotel for 6 months.
  • Ensured Company House compliance with professional review services.

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