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How Flexible Offices Allow You to Maintain a Fine Work-Life Balance?

Flexible Office for Rent in Dubai

There are a lot of flexible office types in Dubai right now that are a great improvement over the traditional office spaces. Office rent in Dubai varies according to the perks and flexibility provided by each of these office spaces. We are taking an in-depth look at the types of office spaces available in Dubai right now. We will also look at how these office spaces allow you to have a greater work-life balance and some of the other benefits they provide.

Types of Flexible Office for Rent in Dubai

There are four popular types of office space in Dubai that provide the flexibility and benefits business owners need. There are several other types of office space available too that more or less gets the job done.

If you are a freelancer or someone who works solo, then there are desks available in Dubai for you too. Business centers rent out single desks for solo business owners or someone who works on different projects alone. You can rent these desks on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. They provide sufficient flexibility and services for solo entrepreneurs.

Here are the types of flexible office rent in Dubai:

1. Virtual Office Space:

Virtual offices are the most affordable office spaces in Dubai. They also allow the highest level of flexibility and work-life balance. This is because, with virtual offices, you can practically work from anywhere. Thanks to web-based productivity tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Drive, etc. virtual offices have become feasible around the world.

2. Coworking Office Space:

Coworking office spaces are the most cost-effective type of office space in Dubai right now. What this means is that they provide the best features and flexibility in terms of price compared to other types of office space. Coworking office spaces are full-sized office spaces that are rented to two or more firms simultaneously. The space is divided into smaller sections so that businesses get the privacy they require.

coworking space3. Serviced Office Space:

Serviced office spaces are full-sized office spaces that come with certain corporate services that are provided by the business center you will be renting from. They are the most expensive in this list of office spaces. However, they are still cheaper than leasing permanent office spaces. On top of that, they come fully furnished so you do not have to spend your own money to buy office furniture when moving in.

4. Executive Office Space:

Executive office spaces are 200 sqft office spaces in Dubai that come with EJARI. They are the cheapest way to open a business in Dubai with a physical office space. Since it is a requirement to provide the tenancy contract and EJARI to the Department of Economic Development when starting a business in Dubai, Executive office spaces are quite popular among new businesses and startups here.

Benefits of Flexible Office Spaces in Dubai

These office spaces have their own advantages and drawbacks. However, they are more flexible and tenant-centric than traditional office spaces with long lease contracts. As the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, there are big risks associated with long-term contracts. That is why it is a wise choice to go for more flexible office spaces now.

Here are the benefits of different types of office space in Dubai that we have mentioned before:

• Enhanced Flexibility:

The flexibility provided by these office spaces allows you to maintain a greater work-life balance. The flexibility in the contracts of these office spaces also ensures a majority of the risks concerned with office spaces are mitigated.

• Greater Work-life balance:

Flexible office spaces like virtual offices allow you to work from anywhere you want. You can work from your home or anywhere you want and still own a fully functional business address in a buzzing commercial district.

• No Daily Commute:

Flexible office spaces take the daily commute out of your office life. This in turn grants you a greater work-life balance as well. In addition to that, you also free up a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent waiting in traffic.

• Cost-Effective:

The flexible office types we mentioned here are very cost-effective and affordable. Office rent in Dubai is feasible for all types of businesses. You can save a lot of your starting capital when you opt for these office spaces instead of leasing traditional office space. You can use the saved cash to improve your products and services.

• Access to Wider Talent Pool:

Flexible office spaces allow to you hire employees from all over the world. The authorities in Dubai allow you to sponsor several visas for your employees. The number of visas you can sponsor will depend on the size of your office space.

• Ability to Expand:

When you hire more helping hands, you need more space to house them. That means you need more office space for them so that they can work. However, with flexible office spaces like virtual offices and coworking spaces, you can easily accommodate more employees. Similarly, you can reduce office space if you need to let some of the team members go.

• Prime Business Location:

Traditional office spaces in prime business locations like buzzing commercial districts cost a lot. It is usually impossible for small and medium-sized businesses to source office spaces in these locations. However, with the advent of office spaces like virtual offices and shared office spaces, any business can afford a prestigious business address.

• Networking Opportunity:

Because business centers are located in prime locations, when you rent office space from a prestigious business center, you will get to be the neighbor of other big names in the market. It provides many lucrative networking opportunities. You might find your next client working right next to you, or your next business partner.

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