How to Choose Office Space in Dubai for Rent?

When you decide to start a new business, a lot of things has to be taken into consideration. You need to complete a lot of paperwork and submit to the concerned authorities so that the perfect location and size of the office space is provided.

The office space in Dubai that is given for rent is really important for the startups as it can make up or break up the business. If you have a poor office space, your clients will not feel really attracted to it and they may feel put off.

The nature of the working space even affects your workers and it will indirectly affect your company’s productivity and efficiency. Ideal office space is a great consideration for your set up. To choose the right office space in Dubai you need to consider certain factors.

Location of the place: Most of the offices are located in the commercial centers of Sheikh Zayed Road, the World Trade Centre, the Dubai International Finance Centre, and the main motorway. Other than that they are also located in the Sport City, the Healthcare City, the Dubai media city and the internet city. You should choose among them which one is best for you according to the nature of your business. Whether you need an easy-access location or a place close to the competitors.

The size of the office: The minimum acceptable place is 200 sq ft according to the trade license of the Dubai Economic Department. Space should be enough to accommodate the necessary office equipment along with enough room to accommodate the employees. The décor should also work with the interior décor that you might already have in your mind. You should be given complete freedom so as to decorate the office space according to how you like it. The internal acoustics should also be checked as constant echoing might be uncomfortable.

The Building: You should figure out if the building is secured for you, whether it has enough guards to protect it and if it is well maintained. Adequate parking space should be there and you should be able to access your office any time you want to. It should be well maintained clean and secured and you should be able to work extra time when required, after the official office hours. Dubai is an ultimate stop for business and so you should make a perfect choice.

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