How to Find a Virtual Office in Dubai

When we use the word “work” or “office”, many of us paint a corporate space in our minds with cubicles for each worker and office rooms for senior staff, a tight schedule, an even tighter suit, and loads of ties. It’s the standard image of a working space and in man perspectives, if that’s not where you earn your bread and butter from, you don’t necessarily qualify for white-collar jobs. This won’t sound strange because our contemporary view of business and corporate work is just built this way. We think driving to a building that juices out your potential from 9-5 is what ‘real’ work is.

But that’s not true. Believe it or not, white-collar jobs can take place from home and they can pay you as much, if not more. Coworking spaces in Dubai must be good, but virtual spaces work better for startups. I mean, think about it. With no office space, there are less resources to provide. You don’t have to worry about your electricity bill or your lunch system. Just send an email to everyone in the morning telling them what they have to do. And check-in before 5 to see if everything is done. The best part? Both you and your employee can enjoy the fruit of your hard work while kicking back in your pajamas with a cup of coffee in your hand. Sounds like a working Sunday, except it’s every day.

Just like most people aren’t familiar with the concept of a virtual workplace, Middle East’s don’t seem to be much adaptive to office spaces. Turns out, there needs to be a major shift in culture for them to even start embracing a virtual work space. Their idea of a job is having your laptop in your lap in your bed and doing what needs to be done. The main problem? It’s too new for them.

Now, co-working spaces are extremely important for the productivity of the employees involved. It’s scientifically proven that having colleagues around with similar jobs as you boost up your creativity and brings you to think competitively. But we also know that with work comes to stress and with a workplace comes the pressure to perform and look presentable each day. If you’re on your computer, doing your job, you’re constantly worried about whether you’re going to beat your colleague at it or not. And this stress then becomes a major component of fatigue. In short, co-working spaces are excellent but they also tire you out and that’s what corporate slavery is called.

So why is a virtual working space good? Well, decide for yourself. There’s no pressure to wake up early morning to take a shower. You can wake up a little bit late and have time to actually have real breakfast, not walk out with an apple in your hand. You make your own rules, sit wherever you want, however you want while you’re doing your job. Your home environment gives you a relaxed vibe which helps you focus on your work better and all the unnecessary stress is eliminated. This also helps in  productivity.

Virtual spaces are the name of economical work spaces. You employ people but don’t have to pay for providing for them and hence, are in a position to offer good salaries as well.

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