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Legal Rules To Follow While Renting Property In Dubai

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An office space in Dubai is not only an office to work; it also works as the goodwill for your company. An office in Dubai immediately boosts up your exposure and respect of the company as Dubai is a well-known porch place for business. Especially when Dubai has a premium facility to rent office spaces with the most minimum hassles ever in the world. For a space like UAE, an office can speak for itself. You need to do a little research whilst getting your office space and also to know about the rules and regulations to rent a property in Dubai. Let’s check on the legal rules to be followed while renting a property in Dubai.

Trust On Only Registered Brokers

Renting Property In Dubai

The first and foremost step while looking for an office space in Dubai is contacting the brokers. And make sure you work only with the registered ones with RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). And also check the ID card of your broker when you meet him in person. It is a mandatory first check.

EJARI is a Must


Since 2013, an account on EJARI is a must thing to have for every tenant and landlord. Ejari is an online portal where you need to submit all your documents regarding house tenancy and also by the landlord, and all the documents are to be up-to-date with time. Registration of your contract with Ejari is a must to make your contract legal.

Any typing center can do this work with a minimum charge considered. The amount of security deposit, rent, yearly rent cheques, area, everything related to your rented property should be mentioned in your account of Ejari. Make sure you get a receipt when you are done uploading. Document clearing in Dubai is a very lucid and important step.PRO service in Dubai is enriched with people and their vast knowledge regarding all your inquiries.

Any Rise In Rent Should Be According To RERA

Rent Should Be According To RERA

Your landlord can not raise your rent all of a sudden according to the Decree no (23) of the year 2013. And any increase in the rent must follow the rent index set by RERA. If your rent is 10% less than the similar units, it cannot be raised. If it is 11%-20% less, your rent can raise up to 5%. If your rent is 20%-30% lesser than similar areas, rent hike can be up to 10%. And in the case of 30%-40% shortfall, then a 15% raise.

Your landlord is bound to give you a 90 days notice window before the increase in the rent. And can only evict you after 12 months written the notice. And if the landlord is performing an eviction, the property cannot re-let the property for 24 months from the date of eviction.

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