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Low Cost Meeting Rooms Dubai

You can’t show off a dingy old room to a high-value client, and it’d be an even worse idea to invite them into your house. 

Even if yours is luxurious, nothing says a truly successful small business like a sleek, professional room with all the high-tech gadgets to meet the needs of your present and potential business partners.

In this article, we’ll go over the following things to help you figure if you’re getting a good deal from us:

  • Importance Of Affordable Meeting Rooms For Your Business
  • Are Cheap Conference Rooms In Dubai Worth It?
  • What SpiderBC Meeting Rooms Offer
  • How Much Do Meeting Rooms Cost In Dubai?
  • Our Top Offering: Cheap Meeting Rooms In Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Things To Consider When Renting Low Cost Meeting Rooms
  • Why Spider Business Center

Importance Of Affordable Meeting Rooms For Your Business

With any small business, you need to consider how you’re investing money in every regard – you can’t afford to waste it on random amenities.

Efficiency is what makes or breaks such businesses. With any meeting room, you need to make sure you’re only getting the essentials.

Why? Well, for one, less distractions in the room means more attention of your clients and partners stays on you, along with all the business ideas you’re presenting.

If that isn’t good enough, consider this: You can put any of the saved money into other business ventures (and with how expensive meeting rooms are, you’ll be saving a lot).

Are Low Cost Meeting Rooms Dubai Worth It?

Now, what do you actually get from picking a cheap meeting room? Don’t let the price fool you- you could call this a secret any successful business has in their back pocket. Here’s why:

  • Temporary Space Means Maximum Efficiency: While you save a lot of money up front, you’ll do the same in the long run, too. No need to bother about management and upkeep of the meeting space – get your meeting over with and wash your hands clean off. You’re getting a polished and modern office at a low one time price. You don’t even need to waste money setting things up. 
  • Spaces Up For Rent That Fit Any Business Size: The definition of “Low” scales with your business size. You can get the basics as a new business, and if you’re a veteran already, you can still find meeting rooms that can offer your unique needs as a grown business, but still at a lower price than all the high-end establishments.
  • All-In-One Professional Packages: When we say essentials, we don’t mean a table and some chairs. It doesn’t even stop at high-speed WiFi. Other things like powerful projectors, TV, charming receptionists, and even IT support are a must-have for any business, big or small.  So you can find them as core features of every single low cost meeting room rental.
  • Perfect Networking Opportunities: If you end up meeting a famous face while you’re at the venue, you know you’ve hit a goldmine.  After all, you’re both like minded opportunists that know how to spend their money. So whether it’s a client or a new hire, you’ll be able to work together to reach great heights, and bring in new sales like a waterfall.

What SpiderBC Meeting Rooms Offer


We can get you all of that, but that’s not the end of it. When you agree to rent a place from us, you get a plethora of other small and big amenities including:

  • Extendable hours so you get more than enough time to bring out the merits of your ideas.
  • Fully customizable room, so you can have better control of how the meeting goes- through placement and aesthetics.
  • Room ambience so you can go all-out on setting the mood of the people you’re meeting, all from the start.
  • Spaces in the best spots on the map, with perfect routes for public transport so you can get everyone in with zero hassle.
  • Printing and Scanning facility so you can keep up with changes to any documents on the spot.’
  • Dedicated service staff to cater to everyone’s needs with perfect efficiency.
  • Business lounge that’s full of amenities, so you can avoid tiring out everyone you’re working with when it’s a long meeting.

We even take care of qualities of the basic things – you won’t get just any TV, but a full fledged Smart TV as well as all the meeting room stationary you need.

Lastly, our meeting rooms aren’t just for one type of meeting. 

We offer customizations for: 

  • International conferences.
  • Sales presentations.
  • Training programs.
  • Business pitches.
  • Personnel screening.
  • Interviews.
  • Employee evaluations.

You can even rent boardrooms. 

How Much Do Meeting Rooms Cost In Dubai?

High-end places like the Dubai World Trade Centre will need you to pay over 165 AED just for an hour. 

So, if you need a 5 hour meeting done, that’s over 800 AED spent.

That’s usually a per person price, too, so it can hike up even higher. Why spend so much money just because the venue is a big name spot?

Presentation is the most powerful tool a business has, so if you get a perfectly equipped space with the right looks, that’s all you need.

Your excellent business ideas can take the center stage for the rest.

Of course, that’s not to say we don’t have any big names to offer. 

Our Top Offering: Cheap Meeting Rooms In Sheikh Zayed Road

cheap meeting rooms in dubai

There’s always a chance the person you’re working with isn’t very business savvy, and doesn’t get just how important the World Trade Center is.

But even from a tourist’s perspective, Sheikh Zayed Road would be a very prestigious spot – it’s one of the most famous roads in the world, after all.

And we’re not just going to pick a random place from the road, either. 

You’ll get the finest quality, because we offer our services in the Conrad Hotel, which is a gorgeous and luxurious 5-star hotel with over 14,500 happy reviews.

And it’s near the World Trade Center and the World Trade Center Metro Station, too.

Best of all, you can rent meeting rooms from as low as AED 150 per hour.

Why Book A Meeting Room From Spider Business Center?

It’s not everyday you can get a meeting room at an affordable price in a place such as the Sheikh Zayed Road. 

That alone makes us a solid service for you to check out if you’re looking for the best business meeting locations.

They say Wednesday is one of the most popular days for work meetings, meaning it can be one of the most expensive days as well. 

Well, we raise you something better; we can offer you killer deals on every single working day of the week – that’s at least a 99% guarantee.

Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Well, If you want more details or are ready to give us a go, you can contact SpiderBC right away. 

Our professional team is always on standby, ready to serve and help you out!

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