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Why You Should Rent an Office Space in a Business Centre

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Business centers in the UAE have opened up a lot of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and big conglomerates. This is because they provide affordable and effective solutions to any company’s office and operational needs. Previously, businesses had to spend a lot of money and manpower on office spaces and their maintenance.

However, with the advent of business centres, businesses can now focus on more important matters. So, you can easily reap these benefits by renting office space in a business centre in Dubai.

Some alternatives to renting are leasing or purchasing office spaces. However, these options eat into the already low starting capital of businesses. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing to rent office spaces in business centres than leasing them.

Additionally, it is not just small businesses, even big conglomerate companies are choosing to rent an office space in a business centre when taking on projects or starting subsidiaries.

Benefits of Renting an Office Space in a Business Centre

There are a lot of benefits of renting an office space in a business centre in Dubai. Besides the office space itself, business centres also provide a wide range support by being a corporate service provider. These corporate services ensure that the daily operation of your business is as smooth as possible.

Additionally, a lot of these corporate services come with a package. This means that you do not need to pay extra to avail of these services. Lastly, since business centers are in competition with one another, each one of them will have some unique benefits that they provide to separate themselves from the crowd.

Here are the benefits of renting an office space in a business centre in Dubai:

1. Affordable office space

As we have mentioned before, leasing or purchasing your own office space takes a huge chunk of your capital. However, you can rent a space for a small monthly charge and invest your capital to perfect your products or services. At the same time, the corporate services provided by business centres help you save on maintenance costs.

2. Flexible Contracts

Another big advantage of rented office spaces is flexible contracts. This means that the time frame of the rent duration is flexible. Additionally, with the rise of coworking spaces, you can even rent office spaces on an hourly basis.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic showed us the risks of permanent or long-term office spaces, as businesses were left with empty spaces because of the lockdowns.

3. Attractive Corporate Services

Business centres offer a lot of corporate services when you rent a space from them. Some of these corporate services are paid while some of them come with the package for free.

For example, you will get the support of an administrative team, who will take care of things like reception and maintenance while you can pay for accounting, legal, and PRO services.

4. Prime Business Locations

Small and medium businesses usually cannot afford office spaces in prime business locations which causes them to miss out on lucrative opportunities and chances to network with other prominent businesses. However, you can easily rent office space in a business centre in prime business districts in Dubai.

5. Numerous networking opportunities

Business centres host a wide array of seminars, workshops, and expos that provide a lot of networking opportunities for businesses of all kinds. As a result, you can easily attend these events to expand your connections when you rent office space from a business centre in Dubai.

Types of Office Spaces Available for Rent in Business Centres

There are various types of office space that you can rent from a business centre in Dubai. Each of these office spaces will cater to the needs of different types of businesses. So, before renting an office space in a business centre in Dubai, take your time and decide on the type of office space that will be best for you.

Here are the types of office space you can rent from a business centre in Dubai:

1. Coworking space

Coworking spaces are one of the most affordable types of office spaces out there right now. However, do not let the affordability misguide you. This is because coworking spaces provide the most networking opportunities than any other office space in the world right now.

But if your business requires a lot of privacy to keep its competitive edge then that is something coworking spaces cannot provide.

2. Shared office space

Shared office spaces are like coworking spaces; however, the spaces are sectioned off, so they provide a lot more privacy. To clarify, a serviced office is a full-sized office space that is rented out in sections to various businesses at the same time.

So, all the businesses that occupy the space pay the rent together. As a result, you can create connections with the businesses sharing the space with you.

3. Serviced office space

Serviced office spaces are furnished office spaces that come with corporate services as well. This is basically a full-fledged office space that is ready to go from the moment you rent them. As a result, you can resume operation from the day you rent a serviced office.

Additionally, serviced offices are furnished and decorated to ensure the best possible work condition.

4. Virtual office space

Virtual office spaces are for businesses that do not need a physical space of operation. Since you must provide the tenancy contract and EJARI to obtain the business trade license, virtual office spaces are a lifesaver for many entrepreneurs.

Additionally, you can use the address of the business centre as your office address when you rent a virtual office. This greatly enhances the credibility and brand image of your business.

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