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How Serviced Office Segment is going to Evolve in 2021?

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Serviced office spaces are on their way to becoming the most form of office space in Dubai. 2021 is seeing the advent of some interesting additions in the segment of the serviced office in Dubai. So if you were already planning to rent a serviced office in Dubai, then now you will have even more reasons to do so. Or if you were planning on a different form of office space, then you might want to serviced offices for rent in dubai after learning about these additions.

Flexibility is an invaluable benefit to businesses of any size. Serviced offices provide many benefits to businesses, however, the flexibility it provides businesses is unbeatable. Today, we are going to see exactly how serviced offices in Dubai are going to help your business in 2021. Flexible contracts are evolving to offer even more breathing space for businesses.

Serviced Offices in 2021

The workplace trends of recent years have evolved into their current shape due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, new norms were set. Some of these trends and work conditions are here to stay regardless of the pandemic. Serviced offices in Dubai are establishing certain changes and taking certain steps to be more proactive towards these new work ethics.

Here are the ways serviced offices in Dubai are evolving in 2021:

Workplace Safety: Business centers that are providing these serviced offices in Dubai are cracking down on unsafe workplaces. As a result, they have introduced strict sanitization and disinfection routines. You will not be allowed on-site without vaccination and maintaining proper COVID-19 guidelines. All the tenants in the business center will have to adhere to the new guidelines set to beat this pandemic.

Workforce Density: It is suggested that only people who need to work in offices should come to the serviced offices. People who can work from home or work remotely should continue to do so. New arrangements were made so that the chairs, tables, cubicles, etc. are at least six feet apart from one another.

New Tech: The space occupancy rate and seating plans will be monitored with new technology. This will allow business centers to ensure that the correct workforce density in the premises is maintained. Analytical tools will be used to ensure that the limits are not exceeded. Overall, the advent of new technology will ensure that business centers can effectively maintain their work premises.

Addition of AI: Many tasks will be automated with artificial intelligence (AI). For example, allowed personnel can gain entry to the serviced office space easily without having to come in contact with another person. The AI will make it easier for business centers to manage their tenants. At the same time, it will make the tenant’s life easier in their serviced office space in Dubai.

Sustainability: The authorities in Dubai are trying to make the city more environmentally friendly. They are implementing certain makes to make the development of the city more sustainable. As a result, business centers need to make their serviced offices in Dubai more environmentally friendly and sustainable as well. As we all know, corporate social responsibility is very important in today’s world.

serviced offices in dubai

Advantages of Serviced Offices in Dubai

When running your own business, you will always want what is best for it. However, we understand that business owners have a lot on their plates. Serviced offices take certain headaches and responsibilities off from business owners.

Here are the ways businesses can benefit from serviced offices in Dubai:


Serviced offices are furnished from the get-go. That means you do not have to buy and move your own furniture when renting a serviced office. This has the added benefit of not having to hire movers when moving out of the serviced office. They include all the essential office furniture and equipment.

Flexible Contracts:

Unlike traditional office space, serviced offices in Dubai are not leased for long periods of time. Instead, they are rented monthly, quarterly, or yearly. As the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, this flexibility is very important for businesses. Because when the lockdowns started, businesses all around the world were left with long-term office spaces that were not used.

Worldwide Talent:

You will be able to sponsor the visas of your employees after you rent a serviced office space. Dubai already has a lot of talents that consist of people from all over the world. You can hire from the existing talent pool in Dubai or hire from anywhere in the world. The number of visas you can sponsor for your employees will depend on the size of your office.


Since serviced offices are rented and not leased, they are easy to get in and out of. On top of that, they are already furnished. So, if you need to hire more helping hands, you can do so easily. You can simply rent more serviced office space and you are good to go. Similarly, if you need to downsize your workforce, you can easily do so.


Traditional office spaces take a huge chunk of any startup’s starting capital. However, a serviced office in Dubai will cost only a fraction. As a result, businesses will be left with more capital to develop their product or service further. On top of that, serviced offices in Dubai require no maintenance. That responsibility goes to the business center that is renting out the office.

Easy Operation:

Serviced offices take a lot of the administrative responsibilities of running an office space. For example, they will provide receptionists who will be under their payroll. Cleaning and troubleshooting responsibilities are also handled by the administrative staff of the business centers.


A lot of businesses use different types of offices rented from these business centers. So, when you rent a serviced office from a business center, you will end up working alongside these companies. You might find your next client working right beside you. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency, you can market the product and services of your neighboring businesses.

Office Address:

Last but not the least, serviced offices in Dubai are provided by business centers that are located in thriving commercial districts. Usually, traditional office space in these locations costs a fortune, but serviced offices do not cost as much. When your business is located in these addresses, your business will be perceived with a certain prestige. This bolsters your business’s credibility and brand value.

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