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If you are looking for serviced office in Dubai? With the promise of fully furnished serviced office space and at a fairly affordable price? Then, head Spiderbc. A serviced office in Dubai provides a lot of benefits for businesses big and small.

To put it simply, a service office in Dubai provides businesses with greater agility. it is important to ask yourself, ‘Can my clients, employees, and other business associates locate and reach my office easily?’.

It is always a wise idea to select serviced office in Dubai based on the location of the Business Center. we are based on sheik zayed road opposite world trade center. You should also have a concern about the neighborhood and security provided by the Business Center. Since you may need to come and go by your office whenever it is required, nighttime security is required.

Serviced offices are provided by business centers that are located in reputable commercial districts. When you rent one of these serviced offices, you get a business address in a prestigious location which automatically creates a good first impression. When you invite any potential investors to this address, they are more likely to show up.

What is a Service Office in Dubai?

Service office in Dubai is a type of office space that is rented as a package consisting of both office space and business services. In the package, you will receive an exclusive private office and as well as access to business services such as a receptionist, mail handling, dedicated landline, high-speed internet, DEWA, call handling, admin services, etc. You will also get access to breakout rooms and meeting rooms from the business center you are renting from.

Serviced office Dubai come fitted and furnished from the start. You can move in immediately after renting and so you will have greater agility and lower move-in costs. Business centers rent out several serviced offices to different businesses. This creates a community of like-minded people who shares communal spaces together. It helps businesses network and find more clients or potential business partners.

Serviced offices are prepared for you to move in immediately after you rent them. They come prepared with an internet connection, telephone line, furniture, necessary office equipment, etc. You can use serviced offices for yourself, or with a team of 100 members, it is totally up to you. Business centers have enough space to fit the whole team without any problems.

Service office in Dubai

Features of Spiderbc Serviced Offices Dubai

Here are some of the features provided by the spiderbc serviced offices Dubai:

Fully Furnished:

The biggest attraction of serviced offices is that they are hassle-free. They come fully furnished so you do not need to buy your own. Another benefit is that you do not need to spend time planning and setting up the furniture. When moving offices, you do not need to hire movers.

Office Equipment:

Serviced offices come with printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. That means when you rent a serviced office in Dubai, you do not need to go shopping for office equipment. The maintenance of this office equipment is done by the business center employees.

Business Grade Facilities:

Since serviced offices are built with the intent of renting them to businesses. They are made to accommodate and facilitate businesses. For example, the printers will be of business grade which you can use to print a large number of documents quickly and efficiently.

Meeting Rooms:

Serviced offices in Dubai come with meeting and conference rooms. The business center you will rent from will provide these meeting rooms. They will also provide space if you plan to host workshops and seminars.

Fast Connectivity:

The connectivity will depend on the business center you are renting from. However, the best business centers always have the best internet connection that is currently available. You can also request the connection of your choice in most serviced offices.

In-house Technicians:

Business centers provide in-house technicians and troubleshooters. So, if any of your hardware malfunctions, you will have an IT expert on standby to help you out. Business centers also replace any faulty equipment office equipment that you might have in the serviced office spaces.

Secure Premises:

The best business centers have state-of-the-art security systems in place. The whole premises has CCTV coverage, and the footage is saved in the cloud. So, you can access the videos from external devices wherever you want.

Cafeteria and Kitchen Area:

Serviced offices come with various benefits like cafeterias and kitchen areas. These areas can be dedicated or common where you share them with other tenants. It depends on your budget and from which business center you are renting the space.

Leisure activities:

Since serviced offices are rented by business centers, you can get various perks like gyms, game rooms, consoles, etc. As business centers are in competition with one another, they have these extra features to make themselves more attractive to clients and customers.

Experienced Receptionists:

Last but not the least, you will get your very own experienced front desk receptionist. They will receive your calls, accept any packages, direct your guests, etc. Since all the administrative staff will be under the payroll of the business center, this is not an extra expense for you.


What are the Benefits of
Serviced Offices for Rent in Dubai?

Spiderbc offer serviced offices for rent in Dubai with extreme flexibility so that you can rent spaces for daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term needs. We provide you with the tenancy agreement that is a mandatory requirement for business setup in the UAE.

To support this vision for rapid expansion, Spider Business Center can provide large-scale facilitation for a huge number of businesses. In addition to serviced office space for rent Dubai, we also provide services like Business Setup, Sponsorships, Trademark Registrations, PRO Services, Visa Services, Financial Advisory, Taxation Services, VAT Services, Accounting Services, Cybersecurity Services, and Digital Marketing Services.

















Serviced Offices for Rent in Dubai

Spider Business Center provides best serviced offices in Dubai for businesses of all sizes from big Conglomerates, Corporations, Small and Medium Enterprises, Company Branches, Divisions, Offshore companies, Business Units, to Solo Services Provider and Freelancers looking for a prime location in Dubai.

We understand the need for versatility in this dynamic and ever-changing ecosystem. That is why we provide flexible and customized solutions for people looking for service office in Dubai.

Affordability is a factor many Business Centers overlook when determining their serviced office rent in Dubai. Not every business is looking for luxury solutions and over-the-top features. The market for cost-effective office solutions is often overlooked.

However, we understand that various business has various needs. That is why we provide cost-effective solutions for businesses that are just getting started or businesses that are in a rough spot.

Check out our offices and you will find that we match your budget, business activities and visa requirements, your team size, and other office requirements. Our Business Center at Sheikh Zayed Road will cater to all your needs.

Fully Furnished

Available Cheap Service Office Space for Rent in Dubai

The biggest advantage Spider Business Center can offer compared to some of our competitors is the property itself. You cannot find a better option for your office address than Conrad Hotel – Business Tower. None other than His Excellency Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan the patron for PPM manages and runs the Conrad Hotel.

Being a businessperson himself, he has close ties with the Business Tower and in turn with Spider Business Center. The prestige in association with the excellent infrastructure and facilities is what makes Spider Business Center’s furnished office spaces so attractive.

We offer services for both personal and corporate license holders in the UAE. We will help you set up your business here and also manages and operate it. To avail of some of our packages, you do not even need to be present in the UAE. We will register your business for licenses for the mainland, free zones, and offshore companies.

We provide PRO services for document drafting and clearing. Any government paperwork that needs to be done for your business; our Public Relations Officers will have you covered. Since our consultants have close ties with the government, if you choose to rent our serviced office space, then you will get a quick solution to any problems you might face in the UAE.

Spider Business Center also provides brand protection services like trademark registrations. Your product, services, and brand will be legally safeguarded when you expand into new markets and segments. We will also check if the brand name or company name you are searching for is available in the UAE.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for excellence in Dubai, Spider Business Center got you covered. Set up your company in our serviced office space and we will help you with every aspect of your business so that you can hit the ground running.

FAQ On Serviced Office Space in Dubai?

A serviced office space is a fully furnished office space that is rented out by a company or a business center that takes the responsibility of managing and maintaining that office space.

Basically, serviced offices are offices that are ready to use from the moment you rent them. There is no hassle of moving furniture and equipment in the office. They are perfect for small to medium-sized companies that need quick solutions.

Here are some of the features that make up a serviced office space:

  • It comes fully packed with cubicles and other office furniture.
  • It comes with all the necessary office equipment like printers, scanners, etc.
  • They are usually rented out monthly and not bought or leased.
  • They are rented out by companies or business centers.
  • They are managed and maintained by said company or business center.
  • They come with administrative and technical support.
  • Also known as managed office or executive office.

Serviced offices are rented from business centers on a monthly basis. They are all-inclusive with management services provided by the business center you will be renting from. You can rent single offices or entire floors depending on your needs. With serviced offices, you do not need to worry about furniture shopping or having to buy expensive office equipment. They are all provided in the office by the business centers.

The main selling point of serviced office spaces is their flexibility. As the covid-19 pandemic has proven, long-term rigid contracts can be very risky. Businesses with long-term contracts or permanent office spaces were left with these expenses that provided no return to them. The way serviced office work reduces this risk. You can move in and out of the space whenever your month ends.

The flexibility also allows your business to scale up and down with ease. If you hire more employees, you can rent more serviced office space. If you reduce your workforce, you can let some of the space go. The business center you are renting from provides administrative support which will be provided by staff that is under their payroll.

Serviced offices are best for businesses that are looking for flexibility. If a business does not have the time and resources needed to move into a completely new office space, then serviced office spaces are for them. Businesses with a limited budget will be better off with a serviced office space as well.
Here are the types of businesses that will benefit from serviced offices the most:


New businesses usually have a limited budget to work with and do not have a lot of helping hands. So, they will find serviced office spaces both cost-effective and helpful.

New Entrants:

Businesses that are entering a new market in a new geographical location will benefit a lot from serviced offices. They can start their activities in a solid base of operations with these offices.

High Growth Companies:

Businesses that are growing a lot usually hire more people to keep up with the demand. They can use serviced offices to house their growing number of employees and still not break the bank.

Project-Based Companies:

Project-based companies need to work in a place for the duration of their project and then move on. These businesses can rent serviced offices and pack up after their work is completed.

The rent or lease price of an office in Dubai will depend upon three things.

The location: An office space in a well-known commercial district will be pricier than office space in a random place in the city. Office space in a reputed business center brings a certain prestige for your business that makes those offices more expensive.

The type: The type of office space will also play a role in determining the cost of the office. For example, coworking spaces are more expensive than virtual offices. Similarly, serviced office spaces are more expensive than coworking spaces.

The size: This is self-explanatory. The bigger the office space the more expensive it will be. The minimum size of office space in Dubai is 200 sq. ft. That is the minimum requirement for an EJARI which is a mandatory requirement from the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Serviced offices Dubai start from AED 1,500 and go up to AED 10,000 and above. It will depend on the size and location of the space you have in mind. You can find one in online sources depending on your budget.

Yes, a free zone company in Dubai can rent office spaces. However, they cannot rent an office space wherever they want. They have to rent office space in the designated boundaries of the free zone they have started their company in.

A free zone company can only do business from inside the free zone and that is why they can only rent an office space there. As a free zone company owner, you can also rent warehouses and other facilities inside the free zone. Even with such location restrictions, free zones provide a lot of advantages that attract a lot of foreigners.

The free zones were set up by the government with the intention to attract foreigners to the UAE. The free zones in Dubai allow entrepreneurs from all around the world to grab the business opportunities that can be found here. So even if you can only rent space in a designated location, there are a lot of reasons to prefer a free zone company.

As free zones specialize in different fields, you will have to select one that fits your business. For example, if you want to start a media and tech-related company, then Dubai Media City will be your destination.

Serviced offices come with all the facilities you need to fully operate a standard business. Here are the things you can expect in the package when you rent a serviced office space:

Office Furniture: Serviced offices come furnished when you rent them. So you can expect a full range of office furniture complete with cubicles, chairs, tables, etc.

Office Equipment: Basic office equipment like printers, scanners, fax machines, etc. are provided as well. Any special office equipment needed for your specific business will have to be procured.

Front Desk Receptionist: The business center you are renting from will provide a front desk receptionist who will be under their payroll.

Maintenance Services: The business center will also take the responsibility of looking after the serviced office space. This includes cleaning, replacing, organizing, etc.

Technical Support: You do not need to worry if there are any problems with the hardware during a meeting, conferences, or seminars. The tech support and troubleshooters under the payroll of the business center will take care of it.

Kitchen and Lunch Areas: Business centers also provide common areas for all their tenants where you can take time off from work and have your lunch or snacks.

A serviced office provides a lot of value for certain types of businesses. These businesses include startups, project-based businesses, new market entrants, high-growth companies, etc. In one way or another, these businesses require flexibility. Something that permanent office spaces cannot provide.

Since serviced offices come fully furnished right out of the box, you can get started with your business activities immediately without any hassle. It also means that when you are packing up and changing offices, you do not need to hire movers.

The shorter contracts mean you will get more flexibility during crisis situations. These flexible contracts are a straight blessing for project-based companies. When they take a contract in a new place, they can immediately get started in serviced offices. They can renew the contract each month until their project is completed.

Serviced offices are also perfect for businesses with limited employees and budgets to work with. They are much cheaper than leasing a traditional office space. Since the business center, you are renting the office from will provide administrative staff, you can run the office space with fewer helping hands. On top of that, the administrative staff will be under the payroll of the business center.

The cost of the serviced office will depend on the location and size of the office space. You can almost always find a serviced office no matter what your budget is. For a common rule of thumb, the bigger the space, the pricier it will be. And the better the location, the pricier it will be.

What we mean by location is that a serviced office space in a well-known commercial district will be way more costly than one in a residential district. This is because there is a certain prestige about owning a business in these well-known locations that sets you apart from the crowd. They make your business more trustworthy and increases its brand value.

Quality serviced offices in Dubai start from AED 1,500 and go as high as AED 15,000. The upper limit is a bit random because business centers are always providing more luxurious office spaces for tenants.

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