Shared Office Space – Is It a Good Choice For Your New Business?

Launching a start-up can be amazing and exciting and an increasing number of people in Dubai are doing just that. Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’ve just started out, you have a wide range of options in terms of how you work. Should you go on to rent a shared office space or work from home?

Choose the wrong option and your business could suffer drastically or you could end up with unnecessary expenses.

What is a shared office space?

Shared office space, also known as executive suites or business centers’, is providing an office space shared by other companies. These offices usually come fully furnished and equipped with a ready-made solution for saving money and limited-time for start-ups.

It may be great to have your own office, but the benefits of using the a shared office in Dubai are both profound and plentiful. Below are some of the benefits of having a shared office in Dubai:

Co-working spaces are dynamic and social. This leads to incredible innovation, collaboration, and progress. Usually, co-working partners establish fruitful relationships with one another by cooperating together on a project.

It can also be time-consuming and expensive to establish a new office. The cost of renting a shared office in Dubai is lower than the cost of renting your own space. Shared office spaces in Dubai free you from setting up a new office. This means you’re not only able to get started on your work quickly, but it also frees you to concentrate on your work.

If you rent your own office space, you’re responsible for paying the utilities and amenities. With shared office, all the utilities such as internet and kitchen supplies are included. This reduces some of the hassles you’ve to tackle day to day.

What to consider when choosing a shared office space?

Location:For many industries, location is central to business success. Consider your client’s requirements and don’t forget to include the location from an employee perspective.

Tenants: Who will be your office partners? Look for similar-sized companies and complementary businesses.

Contract: Lease options may vary among shared office locations and firms. Get a lawyer review your contract to understand your company’s requirements.

Deciding whether to have a shared office in Dubai or work from home can be a big decision. We advise that you base your decision on your personal needs and business model.

If your business model is such that requires the clients to come to you rather than you going to them, then you should have a professional-looking space for them to visit. It’s just that simple.

If you’re not able to concentrate at home or having a hard time finding a place that you can call your office, you may want to take a look at a shared office space.

It’s very important to know what your boundaries are and what you need in order to be effective in your working environment.For more information Call us Now: +971562443684 OR +97143827704 and Email

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