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the smart workspace

The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks is transforming the traditional plug-and-play office solution by introducing smart, sustainable, and unique solutions to bring comfort and convenience to the daily work life of any entrepreneur. What makes this workspace special is that we are incorporating smart solutions to the basic serviced and furnished office setup. From paperless check-in to voice-controlled systems, this smart workspace is the way forward for any modern entrepreneur.

As remote working is getting more and more popular every day, we are entering into a new era of office spaces that will reshape the entire corporate environment. This is a result of the rise of new workspaces known as the hybrid workplace or third workplace. As the name suggests, this is an alternative workplace, which provides an alternative to corporate offices and work-from-home offices at the same time. Here we introduce the smart workspace as an alternative to both.

The popularity of this trend can be credited to the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people found comfort while working from their homes. However, the start of this trend can be traced to the introduction of commercial computers and the internet. Even then many office goers found that they work better when they are in the comfort of their home. But as the lockdowns proved, working from home is not ideal for everyone.

Usually, there are a lot of distractions in your home, especially if you have a lot of family members. Therefore, we quickly realized that working from home is not ideal for productivity. This is where the concept of the third workplace began. An alternative to long commutes to offices and an alternative to the distractions at home. The hybrid workplace ensured that you had the perfect atmosphere for work without the long commutes.

The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks is Enabling

Through fast wireless connectivity, automated robotic parking, and voice-controlled systems – The Smart Workspace makes doing business easier for modern entrepreneurs. Our meeting rooms are fully furnished and equipped with industry-leading IT infrastructure including smart interactive boards to allow members to host important conferences. The corridors of The Smart Workspace are filled with unique artworks and lounge spaces to boost our members’ creative thinking.

What is a Smart Workspace?

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In short, a smart office is an office space that incorporates smart technologies to run the space. However, there is more to it than this, as smart offices make the lives of both the employees and the employers easier. To be more specific, smart offices use advanced technologies to ensure that the usage, management, and maintenance of the office space are more effective and efficient.

For example, a smart office will use sensors to automatically control the lights depending on whether there is someone in the office or not.

When you choose a smart office as your preferred third workplace, you will have the modern entrepreneurial lifestyle that is in high demand throughout the world right now.

Especially in Dubai, where every business utilizes all the modern technologies that are currently available in the world. With a smart workplace, you can ensure that you are ahead of the curve with the best hybrid workplace available in the market at the moment.

You can drop us an email at with your requirements and we will find the best smart office space for your needs.

What does The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks Offer?

First and foremost, not all smart offices are the same. The utilities provided at a smart office will depend on the business center you are renting the space from. At the same time, it is worthwhile to note that business centers are in competition with one another to upsell their services and office spaces. As a result, each of them provides unique benefits and services to set themselves apart from the crowd.
Here are the facilities offered by the Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks:

paperlesss checkin

Paperless Check in

robotic parking

Automated Robotic Parking

smart meeting room

Smart Meeting Room

wireless connectivity

Wireless Connectivity

voice controlled system

Voice Controlled System

smart board

Smart Boards

smart lock

Smart Lock

smart door

Smart Doors

smart desks

Smart Desks

1). Paperless Check-in

Paperless check-in ensures that you do not need to contact another person or wait to get your space when you want to work from The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks. As a result, smart offices ensure that you can start working without wasting any time.

2). Automated Robotic Parking

What good is paperless check-in if you must spend a considerable amount of time looking for a parking space? This is where automated robotic parking comes to the rescue. You can simply put your car in the parking lot and the automated robotic parking system will park your car in an empty spot.

3). Smart Meeting Room

Smart meeting rooms incorporate hardware and software tools to ensure that the meetings are highly productive for all remote and in-person attendees. They do this through smart boards and digital productivity tools to ensure everyone attending the meeting remotely feels just as present as the in-person attendees.

4). Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi connections are a must for a smart workplace or any hybrid workplace. We will provide you with the best Wi-Fi connection that ensures you can surf the internet with speed.

5). Voice Controlled System

The voice-controlled system ensures that you do not need to contact another person for anything you need in the office. For example, if you want to dim the lights for a PowerPoint presentation, then you can do so with the voice-controlled system in the office.

6). Smart Boards

Smart boards are interactive displays that ensure that you do not need to use markers or erasers on the board. As we all know, markers can get messy, and erasers make an even bigger mess. However, smart boards ensure that you can get your point across with ease and present any digital information at the same time.

coworking space

7). Smart Lock

Smart locks will ensure that you can easily safeguard any of your possessions in the office with ease. For example, you can control smart locks with put fingerprint, as well as your phone. They also come with a traditional key as a backup just in case.

8). Smart Doors

Smart doors at The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks enable you to adjust the transparency of the glass door depending on your desire for privacy. The automated system gives you the control to adjust the transparency while you are in a meeting.

9). Smart Desks

Last but not the least, the comforts, well-being, and productivity of employees are improved in many ways via smart workstations. It offers suitable settings for a superb sit/stand posture.

How can Spider Business Center help you?

Today’s hybrid working environment involves the ability to work from multiple locations. Whether you are a digital nomad or working for a multinational company, diversity in office location is often a very important factor. What if there was a solution that would bridge both home and office? The Smart Workspace by Spider Business Networks offers a unique environment by providing an in-house cafe, co-working areas, lounge, entertainment room, board games, and private offices with comfortable chairs and smart desks – to allow entrepreneurs to do business with pleasure.

If you are looking for the best Smart Workspace in Dubai, then you are in the right place. This is because Spider Business Center provides some of the best hybrid workplaces in Dubai. With our office space, you will be located at the prestigious Conrad Business Tower, 19th floor, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

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