The Future of Free Zones in the UAE

free zone company setup in Dubai

The UAE free zones have been one of the most important pillars of the country’s recent economic performance, attracting considerable amounts of foreign investment, providing with job opportunities and facilitating expertise into the country.

Dubai`s free zone are the most productive business destinations for investors wanting to explore the benefits of setting up a business. There are certain factors which need to be taken into account for a free zone company setup in Dubai such allocation, licensing process, infrastructure and facilities. However, there are certain steps which need to be followed. Firstly you need to understand the purpose of your creation, list down all requirements then the consultants will help you find the best solution possible and complete the setup of your company.

Several company setup consultants in Dubai suggest that the free zones in UAE are not going anywhere in the near future as they are providing several benefits such as no corporate tax for longer periods of time and most importantly no export or import duties. However, if 100% ownership is given to the onshore this will only create further advancements around investment areas such as technology, education, media and design. This will further lead towards friendly setups and the establishment of innovative hubs.

Free Zones in Dubai provide a wide range of incentives to investors to set up their company for prospective business ideas and several consultant companies are available who guide you accordingly on how to set up the business. It is pretty straightforward to register a free zone company and it mostly takes 3 weeks to incorporate. After choosing the desired free zone one needs to reserve the company name, rent office premises and arrange for the deed and pay up the minimum capital and secure the appropriate business license.

Free zones in Dubai offer the most fruitful ground for setting up businesses, duty and tax exemptions, world-class trade facilities and bendable government policies. There are more than 30 free zones in Dubai so before setting up a new business one must be aware of each one of them and their attributes. Consultants in Dubai have the resources and the knowledge you need in order for you to realize and understand the best option for your entrepreneurial dream to come true without worrying about visa applications, documentation, and licensing procedures.

Dubai today has become the city of start-ups with many success stories which has caught the attention of the consumer. The range of start-ups varies from enterprise to retail to travel which is not only profitable but easy to locate for the benefit of the business so the future of free zones in the UAE is not only cost-effective but also beneficial for the economy and its growth.

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