Golden Visa

Ameliorating business ecosystem and increasing opportunities is what the UAE have been pioneers in. A part of UAE’s new system to enable foreigners to live, work and study in the country, they have introduced Golden Visa.

The new Golden Visa allows foreigners to setup their business without a local sponsor and retain 100% ownership of their business in UAE’s mainland.

Benefits of Golden Visa:

  • Long term residency in the UAE
  • Access to world class medical and healthcare facilities
  • Unique opportunity to settle in the GCC
  • Excellent schools and Universities
  • Abundant business opportunities
  • Travel to several countries visa-free
Golden Visa in Dubai
Golden Visa in Dubai


Who will Golden Visas be granted to?

This is an extraordinary opportunity for experienced professionals across different industries to establish and expand effectively in the UAE. With the aim to enhance the business ecosystem in the UAE, Golden Visa can be granted to the following members:

The members of this category must have a minimum capital of AED 500,000 or have been approved by any UAE accredited business incubators Some accredited business incubators include AREA 2071, HUB71 etc. Entrepreneurs can be eligible for a 5-year residence Golden visa in the UAE with the permission to sponsor spouse, children, partner or executives.

This type of investors include individuals who have public investments of at least AED 10 million. Types of public investments could include investments in funds inside the UAE, or ownership of an established company with a capital of minimum AED 10 million. Investors included in this criteria are eligible for a 10 years Golden Visa. However, the investment amount cannot be loaned and must be held for a minimum of 3 years for the investor to be eligible.

The category involves investors with a property of a gross value of minimum AED 5 million and must be held for not less than three years. Investors are allowed a 5 year residence visa and are able to sponsor dependents for the same.

Members of this category can be doctors, researchers, or innovators who have produced creative or innovative solutions to benefit the people of this nation. Individuals could have contributions in accredited scientific research bodies or have received awards for their work. These individuals will receive a 10 years resident Golden Visa upon approval. To know more about the eligibility visit UAE Visa information and Services (link:

Students will exceptional acumen and knowledge are eligible for Golden visa with a 5 year residency plan. Students must hold a minimum of 95% in any public or private school in the UAE or a GPA of 3.75 in Universities within the UAE or abroad.

Steps to get Golden Visa

Steps to get Golden Visa

Our consultants will simplify the procedures allowing you to attain the Golden Visa at your convenience. Follow the steps mentioned below or book a consultation with us at +971 (0) 55 865 4072
  • Discuss your visa requirements and documents
  • Start your application for nomination
  • Upon approval, upload necessary documents
  • Get verified by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship
  • Receive your Golden Visa

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