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Our Coworking Space Dubai is designed to be the ideal office space for startups or professionals who want all the necessary office services in one desk. With multiple drawers, a private shelf, and assistant service, it’s designed to be your cozy and effective workstation.

The Business World is ever-evolving and changing with time especially due to Technology, changes in law & regulations as well as the current needs and requirements. One of the prime trends that are taking place and shaping in recent times is the need to work remotely with sometimes a basic team or even a single team member. This strategy works well in case of temporary work, projects, outsourcing, services, profession-based careers, branches, skill specialization, and research for expansion.

The Business Centre Industry that offers office spaces, solutions, and related services has taken well to the need for standalone work requirements. coworking space Dubai is the industry term tossed all the way from a single work desk or station to a combination of two or more suited to the needs of businesses and their flexibility.

Dubai being the leading innovator in business as well as in the business center industry has taken extremely well to this concept and adapted some of the most creative and innovative solutions to support Co-working Spaces in Dubai. Adding value to coworking space Dubai in the form of creative workspaces, lounges, gaming rooms, food & beverages, Government-sponsored, tie-ups, investors associated, and business plan competitions to complete tech incubation centers for startups.


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Coworking Space Dubai

Spider Business Center has taken Coworking Space Dubai to a league of its own. We understand the need for Coworking Space in Dubai for having a creative work environment, startups, tech companies, networking, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, collaboration, accessing multiple experts, and maintaining different lifestyles. We have tailored our Coworking space in Dubai around independent professionals, freelancers, remote workers, temporary workers, and researchers. Our innovative Dubai Coworking Space will make clients feel like a part of the Google Office Team getting the best creative atmosphere and technology. Coupled with meeting rooms, food & beverages, concierge services, virtual offices, and other facilities makes it an ideal Coworking Space in Dubai.

At the back-end Spider Business Center has also innovated the Coworking Space Dubai along with sponsorship from large corporations, converting the Coworking Space into a Tech and Incubation Center, roll out investment & financial advisory services, cross-market services to internal & external clients, hold periodic events, manage business networking, arrange business plan competitions, award outsourcing of projects and add on more tie-ups for the clients of Coworking Space to access the network in major parts of the world.

Coworking space Dubai being a flexible product/service mix we have offered it strategically on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis as per the requirements of our clients. Grouping multiple Coworking spaces are just another offering by Spider Business Centre.

Co-working Spaces

Affordable Coworking Space Dubai

Coworking Space for Rent in Dubai

Placed in the heart of Dubai at the Prestigious Conrad Hotel – Business Tower Dubai on Sheikh Zayed Road opposite the World Trade Centre our Coworking Space Dubai offers the best in the business for serious businessmen. Alone the quick access to the World Trade Centre is reason enough to choose Spider Business Center Coworking Space over others. Additional facilities such as a tenancy agreement, visa options, furnished offices, automated robotic parking, SPA, gym, hi-speed internet, call answering facility, postal address, secretary services, food & beverages, dedicated relationship liaison, and financial services can be added as per requirements or other packages.

Since Spider Business Center also offers entire floors, large-scale offices, serviced offices, shared offices, virtual offices, and other innovative office solutions so clients initially using Coworking Space can easily upgrade to these packages and vice versa.

Benefits of Co-Working

Spider Business Center has reinvented the approach to Co-working Spaces in Dubai that will benefit you in manifold ways.

  • Flexible booking and payment options
  • Affordable
  • Open-space
  • Creative, collaborative and dynamic environment
  • Ergonomic interiors
  • Group multiple Co-working spaces
  • Access to expert advisory and consultancy
  • Networking opportunities
  • Meeting room facilities
  • Events
  • Concierge services
  • Beverages
  • Incubation from start-ups, individuals or groups









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