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PRO services are essential for all businesses that are situated in the UAE. The PRO is the abbreviation for Public Relations Officer, which is also the synonym of Government Liaison Officer. These Public Relations Officers are needed to complete several registration processes and fill paperwork from the government. Spider BC provides these PRO services in Dubai to complete the company formation processes.

A Government Liaison Officer is needed to complete all the hard printed materials of the company formation process effectively. Since these officers work closely with the government all the time, they can also provide advice and suggestions to you regarding various things. Spider Business Center in Dubai helps various organizations through all the steps in the company formation registration process. We provide some of the best PRO services in Dubai. So, if you are looking for competent PRO services companies in Dubai, then look no further.

Our PRO services ensure fast paper clearing facilities. As our services allow us to be in constant interaction with the government and the administrators in Dubai, we can help you solve your problems efficiently and effectively. When dealing with the authorities, we will not only save your time but also save your money.

PRO Services In Dubai

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Companies that provide PRO services in UAE play a vital role in providing new businesses with business licenses, copyrights, trademarks, and various certifications. They also help new and foreign businessmen with their passport approvals, visas, and other immigration-related documents. Our PRO services from Spider Business Center will ensure that your corporate and also your stay in Dubai, UAE is a success.

We are considered the best business advisers in Dubai because our experienced professionals are specialists in the various rules and regulations set by the UAE Free Zone guidelines and the Dubai Mainland Laws. As we have mentioned earlier, we are always working closely with the authorities. As a result, we can help you with faster license renewals, document approvals, labor contracts, and immigration cards.

We make getting approvals and authorizations from the UAE Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Affairs, and other ministries a walk in the park.

Document Clearing Services in Dubai

Spider Business Center also provides PRO services like document clearing, visa processing, medical ID, and Emirates ID registration services. We assist both large-scale and small-scale businesses in the UAE. We will also help your staff get their employment visas and help your workers get their labor cards from the immigration office.

Foreign workers need to approve medical checks on their passports. Foreigners also require residence visa stamps to seek residence in the UAE. Spider Business Center will help you and your employees with these facilities as well. The bottom line is that whatever document clearing requirements from the government and the relevant authorities your business and the people who work in your company will have, we will take care of it.

Liquidation Company in Dubai

Similar to a new company formation in Dubai, the liquidation process of an established business also has several steps here that are monitored strictly by the relevant authorities. Spider Business Center has PRO services that help with the liquidation of an existing business in the UAE.

If you are not familiar with the term, liquidation means the closing of an existing business. The liquidation process of a business depends on the country it is currently in. The process always involves the distribution of the business’s assets to claimants.

Spider Business Center will help you close your business in the UAE by completing the legal processes that are set by the government. The processes include the submission of a final audit report of the business, the termination of its licenses, and the closing of its bank accounts. We will help you complete all these steps and dissolve your company in the shortest time possible.

Requirements for Starting a Business in Dubai

While running a business in Dubai is the dream of many for the lenient tax laws, relaxed labor laws, and open immigration process. The company setup process on the other hand is strict and can be scary for first-timers. The mere variety of steps involved in the process like getting authorizations for registration, licensing, office spaces, bank accounts, and much more can be discouraging. On top of that, these steps need to be completed sequentially.

However, you do not need to worry about any of these if you want to get started in the UAE. Spider Business Center provides a wide variety of services in addition to the PRO services that will help with your new business setup in Dubai. We will complete the standard registration processes for a new corporation set up and also get the compulsory approvals from the UAE government.

Additionally, we also help with other things after the formation of your company. If you want to change your corporate trade names afterward or need to make changes to existing documents. Our services include drafting documents and expanding or reducing paid-up capital.

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    Company Formation Process

    To help you understand how Spider Business Center can help you start your company in the UAE, here is a summary of the standard steps for a new company formation:

    1. Finalizing Business Activities
    2. Finalizing Legal Structure
    3. Finalizing Trade Name
    4. Applying for the Trade License
    5. Renting an Office Space
    6. Getting Initial Approval from the DED.
    7. Getting External Approvals from Other Authorities.
    8. Submission of Required Documents.

    Here are the four types of trade licenses you can usually choose from in the different economic zones of the UAE:

    1. Commercial Trade License
    2. Professional/Service Trade License
    3. Industrial Trade License
    4. Tourism Trade License

    Here are the documents you need to submit to the Department of Economic Development in Dubai for your trade license (additional documents may be required depending on your business activities):

    • The passport copies of all the partners or shareholders of the company.
    • The initial approval certificate from the DED.
    • The external approval certificates.
    • The tenancy contract and EJARI registration certificate.
    • The Memorandum of Association.
    • The filled-up trade license application.
    Corporate Pro Services Dubai

    All these may seem too complicated to you. However, our experts are tackling all these steps daily. They can help you get started in the UAE with ease so that you can hit the ground running.