Do You Want to Rent a Virtual Office in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road?

Are you looking to rent a virtual office? Why not reserve a business-friendly virtual office in Dubai? In the center of Sheikh Zayed Road’s bustling business district, Spider Business Center provides a hassle-free virtual office with a dedicated landline number, call handling, meeting space, high-speed internet, mail handling, and printing solutions, as well as a P.O Box and professional business address in Dubai.

You can also get access to our business lounge, meeting rooms and co-working stations on a monthly basis.

It is necessary to set a professional tone for your business. The first step to accomplish this feat is to have a business address in a reputed business district.

Hassle-Free business addresses, Virtual office Dubai can skyrocket your business, therefore, Spider BC offers a hassle-free virtual office in Dubai with a business address in Dubai for your convenience.

Spider Business Centre proudly boosts in managing and supporting more than 800 to 1200 Virtual Offices Dubai at any given point. Not only managing them but giving those services that other Business Centre have yet to innovate at their end.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides you with a business address that actually exists and several office-related services without the big investment needed for traditional office spaces. Other services generally include mailing address, business phone number, phone answering services, meeting rooms, video conferencing services, etc.

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Virtual office provide a physical address but no office space. That is why these types of office spaces are so popular among startups and small businesses. At the same time, this makes virtual offices super affordable with no future overhead costs except the monthly rental fee. Web-based productivity software like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc. promotes the use of these virtual offices in Dubai.

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Features Of Virtual Office Dubai - Dont Miss out

Virtual offices are mainly for businesses that require a professional business address for several purposes but not for working in a dedicated space. For example, if you have a marketing agency, you can perform your business activities from your home or a remote location. But you will still need conference rooms to meet with clients, and a business address to receive physical mails and documentation purposes.

The features you will receive with your virtual office will depend on the location and business center you are renting the office from. But there are a few features that are expected from standard a virtual office in Dubai. Here are the features that are a must-have for virtual office in Dubai:


The biggest selling point for virtual offices is how easy they are to acquire. We understand that not all businesses can afford to acquire and run a full-fledged office space. Not all businesses need to even have a dedicated workspace as well. That is where virtual offices come in to fulfill the physical address needs.

Business Mailing Address

If your clients or business associates decide to send a physical mail to the business address in Shiekh Zayed Road, then we will receive it for you. You can come and pick it up in person or we can have it delivered to you. Whichever suits your need the most.

Administrative staff

The address you will be provided exists as a business center. There will be fully trained administrative staff that will handle clients and business associates that enquire for you. Full-time receptionists are usually present on site that will help arrange meetings for you. The staff will also handle posts and mails for you. You can hire virtual assistants easily to help you grow your business even more.

Meeting Rooms

As we said, an investor will not be impressed if you show them your garage or basement. Virtual office spaces have fully decked meeting rooms that you can use whenever you need them.

So, you can impress your potential investor by inviting him to meet you at your business address in the heart of a reputed business center. You can also use the meeting rooms to meet your clients and other business associates should they want to meet with you face to face.


Permanent workspaces have a lot of complexities when trying to expand or even scale down your business. However, when you have a virtual office space, you can easily hire more helping hands or let extra hands go, without having to worry about accommodating them. You will never be left with extra unused space, which is an expense that provides no return.

Pay as you use

You do not need to pay for the services that you are not going to use. For example, we provide administrative staff and a full-time receptionist. However, if you do not need such services, you do not need to pay for them. You can pay for the business address exclusively.

Business Phone Number

Just like a business address, a business phone number makes your business look more professional as well. We provide business phone numbers, fax services, and voicemail boxes. We also provide services to handle the phone calls, faxes, and voicemails for you. We will forward them to you or respond according to your guidelines.

Postal Scanning Service

As the virtual address will be your business postal address, all your mail and posts will be sent there. The administrative staff there will scan all your posts and email them over to you.

You can collect the mails there yourself or have them delivered to you, if you prefer, they are not opened by someone else. If you like to stay on top of things, you can have them scanned and emailed to you the moment they are received at the address.

Voicemail Service

If you are running a business from your home, you may not have the ability to attend phone calls 24/7. Also, having personal landlines are uncommon nowadays. Even if you do have one, you would be resistant to give out your personal numbers for business purposes, which will be public for everyone. A real business landline number will make your business seem even more professional.


As virtual office spaces allow both employers and employees to work remotely. It is beneficial for both parties. Employers can hire talents from anywhere in the world. While employees can work from anywhere in the world. Remote working also helps reduce absenteeism and unpunctuality. Since you are not commuting to work, you do not need to be worried about being stuck in traffic and wasting half your day. Also, since you are not stuck in a limited space, you can hire more helping hands without having to worry about accommodating them.

Top 10 Benefits of Virtual Office Dubai

A virtual office provides a lot of benefits for businesses that thrive from remote working. Besides the features we mentioned earlier, these benefits come automatically when you rent a virtual office in Dubai.

Here are the top 10 ways your business will benefit from a virtual office in Dubai:

No Daily Commute:

Taking out the daily commute decreases the significant time wasted on the road. Thanks to virtual offices, now you can own office space and not feel inclined to work from a fixed location. With traditional office space, your employees had to travel from all over the city and beat the traffic to get to the office. However, with the advent of virtual offices and remote working, they can cut out the commute and save time.

Enhanced Productivity:

As time is saved in the commute, you and your employees can be more productive. The time spends in traffic is unproductive time that is completely wasted. However, when you are working from home or a coffee shop thanks to a virtual office, your time is more productive. You will have more time to work. Alternatively, you will have more free time because you can finish your work earlier.

More Flexibility:

When you are working remotely or working from home, you have a lot of flexibility that you would not have had if you were working from a fixed location. For example, if you are working from home, you can take a quick break with a shower and lunch. Granted you could have taken the lunch at a traditional office; however, the shower is still something you get only at your home.

Access to Worldwide Talent Pool:

Since your employees will not have to work from a fixed location thanks to virtual offices, you can hire talents from all over the world. Access to a bigger talent pool means that you can hire the perfect fit for your business. Later if you decide to rent a physical office space, you can sponsor the visa of your employees and they can come to Dubai to work for you.

Less Maintenance:

Traditional office spaces have a lot of overhead costs that quickly pile up to amount a lot at the end of the month. However, with virtual offices, most of the overhead costs of traditional office spaces do not exist. You can use the saved money to improve your products and services.

Increased Privacy:

Many of the types of office spaces nowadays are too open and do not provide enough privacy. Office spaces like coworking spaces, shared office spaces, serviced office spaces, and even traditional office spaces cannot provide the level of privacy provided by virtual office spaces. The biggest factor is that you do not need to share your personal address and phone number for business purposes. You can add the business address and phone number provided by the virtual office to your business card.


Small businesses and startups do not have a lot of capital to start with. And if they have to dump a good portion of that starting capital for office space, then they are left with less to develop their goods or services. Virtual offices are much more affordable. They cost only a fraction of what a traditional office space costs.


If you wanted to hire more helping hands in a traditional office space, you would have to rent or lease more space to house them. However, virtual offices do not have this problem. You can hire as many talents as you want without having to worry about renting or leasing more office space.

Employee Satisfaction:

When your employees are working from home or working remotely, they are more satisfied with their job. This is mainly because they get more breathing space and also because they do not have to spend a good amount of their time stuck on the road. They get more free time to themselves. As a result, they are happier and overall, more satisfied with their work.


Business centers in Dubai are located in prime locations where office spaces are generally more expensive. However, small businesses and startups can still afford a business address in these prime locations thanks to virtual offices. When you own a business in these prime locations, you are perceived with a certain prestige that boosts your business’s brand value.

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    FAQ Related To Virtual Office Dubai

    Virtual offices in Dubai costs as little as AED 5000 and all the way up to AED 15000. The cost mainly depends on where you are renting the virtual office and the facilities you are opting for. Either way, it is more cost-effective than any physical office space by a huge margin.

    Virtual offices in Dubai are affordable offices that you can rent for various business purposes. One of the main reasons is that in Dubai you can not get a business trade license until you get an office space.

    You can rent a virtual office from the numerous business centers you will find in any big city. In most cases, you do not need to physically visit the business center to set up your own virtual office.

    You can rent a virtual office from the numerous business centers you will find in any big city. In most cases, you do not need to physically visit the business center to set up your own virtual office.

    To open a virtual office in Dubai you need to rent it from a business center in the city. This is because even if it is a virtual office, you will still have a real physical address where you can receive posts and mails.

    Virtual office in UAE is available thanks to the Estidama program. Since the UAE is trying to be more sustainable, it allows virtual offices as all types of businesses do not need a physical office space to conduct their business activities.

    A virtual office is a type of office space where you rent an existing address without the office premises. There are several reasons a business might need an address even if they do not need a dedicated space to work from.

    A virtual office provides a real address and several handy features alongside it. These features include a local phone number, phone handling, mailing address, mail handling, receptionists, etc. The features you get will differ depending on the business center you choose and the package you get.

    When you get a virtual office, you get a receptionist in the physical location. The receptionist will receive any package that is sent to the physical location for you. He/she will also handle the phone calls and receive any guests/clients for you.

    Virtual offices give your business a legitimate business address that actually exists. This way your business seems more professional and trustworthy. Even if you cannot afford traditional office space in exotic locations, you can easily afford virtual offices there.