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Looking for Office Space for Rent in Conrad Business Tower Dubai?

Looking for a prime location to set up your business in Dubai? Our fully furnished office space in Conrad Business Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai offers a prestigious address that will elevate your business profile.

Spider Business Center started its journey in 2013 with the aim to ensure that entrepreneurs can always do business with pleasure. From a humble beginning, we are now located across the 9th, 17th, 19th, 20th, and 21st floors of the prestigious Conrad Business Tower Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai. We offer a wide variety of office spaces for rent in Conrad business tower on sheikh Zayed road. Our office space is fully furnished with modern and ergonomic furniture, ensuring that you and your team can work comfortably and efficiently. Our space is equipped with high-speed internet, a dedicated phone line, and video conferencing equipment, allowing you to communicate with clients and team members easily.

Currently Spider Business Center has over 200 offices under its wing. Our flexible terms and pricing options make it easy for you to choose the right office space for your business needs and budget. We cater to individuals, entrepreneurs, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.

Some of the prominent names we house include Accord Business Group, CarrotComm, Coincross Commercial Brokers, and more. Other than these we have formed over 2500 businesses to the present date. We can help so many businesses hit the ground running thanks to our affiliation with various government and non-government agencies like Dubai DED, Abu Dhabi DED, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Courts, and a few others.

Our main goal is to make your business life easier so that you can always do your business with pleasure.

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You can contact us on info@spiderbc.com or call us on +971 800 774337


  • At Spider we work diligently to provide our clients an experience that is SECURE, both in a corporate and digital environment.
  • Providing a service that is UNIQUE yet SIMPLE for our partners to progress is our priority. We strive to provide services that are convenient, differentiated, and industry-leading.

  • Ensuring our partners are perceived with PRESTIGE and maintaining an impeccable work environment with excellent facilities is what we value greatly.

  • We are continuously INNOVATING and WILLING to go above and beyond, to ensure our partners receive an experience that is unparalleled and business solutions that are relevant to today’s dynamic work environment.

Dubai, UAE

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to ensure all of your business needs are fulfilled here in the UAE. First and foremost, we provide office spaces in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from. While our virtual office spaces, shared office spaces, private office spaces, services office spaces, meeting rooms and coworking office spaces cater to the needs of startups, small and medium enterprises. Our serviced office spaces and traditional office spaces cater to corporations and bigger institutions.

We also provide business services to our customers. Our professionals help businesses to get started in the UAE. We also help them grow and sustain themselves here. The business setup services include business trade license registration, trade name registration, getting approvals from various government bodies, etc. After your business is set up and ready to go, we will continue to provide services to help with the day-to-day operation of your business. These include various corporate services like payroll management, admins services, recruitment services, accounting services, etc.

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