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Spider Business Center proudly offers the best shared office space for rent in Dubai. We are a veteran company based in the UAE that provides expert business solutions. We offer all of the services you need to ensure that your business is in top shape. Some of our top services include Business Consultancy, PRO Services, WPS Services, Serviced Offices, and Shared Office in Dubai.

Coworking Spaces are popular and trendy right now. Both established corporations and new startups are opting for these shared spaces. This is because they get to cut down on expenses and also have a decentralized office location. Other than these, there are a lot of benefits a shared office space in Dubai provides such as enhanced security, short lease options, networking opportunities, and much more.

Shared Office Space In Dubai

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Advantage of Shared Office Space for Rent in Dubai

Here are the advantages you can expect to receive when moving into a shared office space:

Reduce the expenses:

If you choose to opt for permanent office space, you will also have to take on the burden of many added expenses. For starters, you need a huge upfront capital to lease or buy the property or space for your office. Then comes the extra expenses of buying and moving in furniture, office equipment, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, LAN phones, and much more.

On the other hand, if you opt for a shared space then you will be free from all of these expenses. You will also be free from the physical labor of moving in office furniture. You can use the money saved from renting a coworking space to further upgrade your product or improve your services.

Manageable IT Infrastructure:

Since businesses already need to hire a lot of employees for operational purposes, small and medium businesses rarely have dedicated IT staff. To have a full-time dedicated IT team, not only do you need to pay their wages, but you also need extra room and equipment for them. That is why a dedicated IT team is often passed on by many businesses with a tight budget.

When you opt for shared office space, you get access to a prebuilt and managed IT infrastructure that is under the payroll of the business center you are renting from. Spider Business Center has a team of trained and experienced IT staff. They will significantly reduce your downtime caused by technical difficulties so that you can continue operations as quickly as possible.

Safety Measures:

It is important to have a safe and secure environment for your workspace. The peace of mind that is required to work efficiently comes from the security of your workplace. Spider Business Center provides shared office spaces in Sheikh Zayed Road, which is a safe and secure neighborhood. Still, our shared office has a highly developed infrastructure and the best security features. Your workspace with us will have keycard access, 24/7 desk security, a CCTV camera system, and cloud-based storage for security footages. You can even access your office space safely at nighttime.

Chances for Networking:

As the name suggests, you will be sharing the office space with other corporations, business owners, service providers, and freelancers. These people might be from the same industry as you or even in completely unrelated sectors. All these different tenants can be found in our prestigious shared offices in Dubai.

That means when you opt for our shared office space, you get the opportunity to meet and network with all these excellent people. You might even meet your future client or business associate in our coworking spaces. For example, you always need to market your product and services to increase your sales. You can use the services of the freelancer or even the marketing agency sharing the office space with you to market your products and services.

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Why Choose Spiderbc?

It is the responsibility of the property manger to maintain the uniformity, to ensure that everything is up to the mark, Spider BC offers virtual office space Dubai that maintains everything suit to the professional standard. Not only should this they have to make sure that all the arrangements be cost effective and trendy as well.









Office for Rent

What Makes Good shared Office in Dubai?

It is important to have an office location in a reputed business district. We know that sometimes business owners are eager to get started. However, selecting any coworking space and jumping right in will not be an efficient or cost-effective decision for your business. So, how do you go about selecting the best shared office space that will be suitable for your business?


You should select the location for your business based on two important factors. Firstly, as we mentioned before, you need a business address that will impress clients and potential investors. Secondly, the security of the neighborhood where you are planning to set up your office. Spider Business Center ensures you get both.

Shared Office Space For Rent


The commutability to your office location is important as well. What commutability means is that it should be easy to find and get to your office location. It should be easily accessible through public transports. Spider Business Center is in the Conrad Tower – Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road.


The shared office space you are opting for should be flexible on the contract durations they are offering. Your plans might change, and you might need to change offices on short notice. As the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, long-term plans are very risky. Spider Business Center offers flexible contracts for your business.


Many businesses need to operate 24/7. For example, call centers and customer care centers need to access their office location all the time. So, if your business needs to have employees in the office around the clock. You should check beforehand if the Business Center is available round the clock as well.


You should check if the office equipment you need to effectively carry out your business activities is provided by the coworking space or not. Many shared office spaces for rental provides extra amenities to attract more customers. However, these amenities also increase the rental prices. So, choose carefully.


The most important factor is that you should get the return for what you are paying. If you are paying for more than you are receiving, then the rental price is not worth it. So, when looking for a shared space for rent, judge if the return is worth the investment.

If you are looking to save the most on office spaces, Spider Business Center also provides virtual office space in Dubai. However, if you are specifically looking for shared office space for rent, do check us out.

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