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Shared Office Space Dubai | Sheikh Zayed Road

If you are looking for shared office space Dubai for rent with dedicated landline, call answering, high-speed wi-fi, dedicated services staff, Dedicated Receptionist, IT Infrastructure, free DEWA, prestigious business address, robotic car parking, printing service, customized office and F&B Services, you have several options to consider.

Spider Business Center proudly offers the fully furnished shared office space in Dubai sheikh Zayed road for rent . We are a veteran company based in the UAE. With a strong commitment to delivering outstanding business solutions and services, we cater to the needs of our clients with utmost professionalism and expertise. Choose Spider Business Center for a reliable and convenient shared office space Dubai that meets your business requirements.

We offer all of the services you need to ensure that your business is in top shape. Some of our top services include Business Consultancy, Executive offices, Serviced Offices, virtual offices, co-working offices, private offices, meeting rooms, Visa services, Trademark Registration and PRO Services Dubai.

Shared office spaces, also known as coworking spaces, provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking a professional working environment.

At our shared office space Dubai, you’ll enjoy a highly secure workspace with advanced infrastructure. Your office will feature keycard access, 24/7 desk security, a CCTV camera system, and cloud-based storage for security footage, ensuring you can access your workspace safely, even at night.

Shared Office Space Dubai

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Affordable Shared Office Dubai

Why Choose Shared Office Space Dubai for Rent

There are several compelling reasons to choose shared office space for rent in Dubai:


Shared office spaces offer cost savings compared to traditional office setups. By sharing the workspace, you can split the expenses for rent, utilities, maintenance, and other overhead costs with other businesses, making it a more affordable option.


Shared offices provide flexibility in terms of lease terms. You can choose short-term or long-term agreements based on your business needs. This flexibility allows you to easily upscale or downscale your office space as your business evolves.

Networking opportunities:

Shared office spaces create a vibrant community of professionals from diverse industries. Working alongside other businesses and entrepreneurs fosters networking opportunities, collaboration, and potential partnerships, enriching your professional network.

Ready-to-use infrastructure:

sharing office space Dubai come fully furnished with essential amenities and infrastructure, including office furniture, internet connectivity, meeting rooms, reception areas, and kitchen facilities. This saves you the time and effort of setting up and maintaining your own office space.

Professional Environment:

Shared office spaces provide a professional and conducive working environment. They are equipped with modern facilities and offer a professional setting for meetings, presentations, and client interactions, projecting a positive image for your business.

Prime locations:

Shared office spaces are often located in prime business areas, such as Dubai’s sheikh Zayed road opposite world trade center. This gives your business a prestigious address and enhances its visibility and accessibility to clients, partners, and investors.

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Why Choose Spider Business Center's shared office Space in Dubai?

Here are the Features you can expect to receive when moving into a shared office space Dubai:

















Features of Shared Office Space Dubai

Shared office spaces for rent offer a range of features and amenities to accommodate the diverse needs of businesses. Here are some common features you can expect in a shared office space:

Flexible workspace:

Shared office spaces provide flexible workstations, including desks, chairs, and storage options. You can choose from open work areas, dedicated desks, or private offices based on your preferences.

Meeting rooms:

Shared offices typically have well-equipped meeting rooms or conference rooms that can be booked as needed. These rooms often include audiovisual equipment, whiteboards, and video conferencing capabilities.

High-speed internet:

A reliable and fast internet connection is a must in any shared office space. Access to high-speed Wi-Fi ensures smooth communication, seamless workflow, and efficient online activities.

Business services:

Shared office providers often offer additional business services such as reception and concierge services, mail handling and forwarding, call answering, and administrative support. These services help enhance your professional image and support your day-to-day operations.

Common areas and amenities:

Shared offices feature common areas such as lounges, kitchenettes, and breakout areas. These spaces provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and relaxation during work breaks.

Professional environment:

Shared office spaces are designed to create a professional and productive atmosphere. They are typically well-maintained, clean, and aesthetically pleasing, providing a pleasant working environment.

Security and access control:

Shared offices prioritize the security of their tenants. They often have security systems in place, including access control measures such as key cards or biometric authentication, to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Networking opportunities:

Sharing an office space with professionals from different industries can foster networking opportunities. Regular events, workshops, and networking sessions organized by the shared office provider can help you connect with like-minded individuals and businesses.

Additional facilities:

Depending on the shared office provider, you may have access to additional facilities such as on-site cafeterias, fitness centers, parking spaces, and bike storage areas, adding convenience and value to your workspace.

It’s important to note that the specific features may vary depending on the shared office provider and the package you choose. When selecting a shared office space, consider your specific needs and ensure that the available features align with your requirements.

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    FAQ on Shared Office Space in Dubai

    Shared office space in Dubai refers to flexible workspace solutions where individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses can rent or lease office space on a temporary or short-term basis. These shared spaces are fully equipped and often come with various amenities, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional office leases.

    Using shared office space in Dubai offers several benefits for businesses:

    1. Cost-Efficiency: Shared office spaces in Dubai are typically more cost-effective than traditional office leases. Businesses can save on rent, utilities, and maintenance expenses.
    2. Prime Locations: Many shared offices are located in prestigious business districts, offering a prestigious address without the high costs.
    3. Flexibility: Short-term leases and scalable memberships allow businesses to adapt to changing space requirements, making it ideal for startups and expanding businesses.
    4. Ready-to-Use Infrastructure: Shared offices come fully furnished and equipped with essential amenities, saving businesses the hassle and cost of setting up their own workspace.
    5. Networking Opportunities: Shared spaces encourage interaction and collaboration among diverse professionals, fostering networking and potential partnerships.
    6. Professional Environment: Shared offices provide a professional and productive work environment, enhancing a business’s image and credibility.
    7. Amenities: Businesses have access to amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing facilities, and administrative support.
    8. Work-Life Balance: Many shared offices offer flexible working hours and comfortable breakout areas, promoting a healthy work-life balance.
    9. Access to Talent: Being in a shared space can facilitate access to a pool of talent, including freelancers and specialists, for project collaboration.
    10. Global Presence: Some shared office providers have networks in multiple cities and countries, allowing businesses to establish a global presence easily.
    11. Community Engagement: Shared office spaces often host events, workshops, and seminars, offering opportunities for skill development and community engagement.
    12. Reduced Administrative Burden: Shared office providers often handle administrative tasks like mail handling and reception services, allowing businesses to focus on core activities.
    13. Scalability: As businesses grow, they can easily scale up their space or downsize without the complications of relocating.
    14. Cultural Diversity: Dubai’s multicultural environment makes shared offices a melting pot of cultures, enhancing cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.
    15. Business Continuity: Shared office spaces often have backup power and internet solutions, ensuring business continuity during unforeseen events.

    Shared office spaces in Dubai are suitable for a wide range of businesses and professionals. Here are some types of businesses that can benefit from using shared office spaces in Dubai:

    1. Startups: Shared office spaces provide cost-effective, fully equipped workspaces for startups, allowing them to focus on growth without the burden of setting up a traditional office.
    2. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can benefit from the flexibility, networking opportunities, and professional environment that shared offices offer.
    3. Freelancers: Freelancers from various industries, including writers, designers, consultants, and developers, can use shared offices for a productive and collaborative work environment.
    4. Remote Workers: Employees working remotely for global companies can access a dedicated workspace without the need for a traditional office.
    5. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): SMEs can find cost-efficient office solutions with the flexibility to scale up or down as their business needs change.
    6. Consulting Firms: Consulting firms can use shared offices for client meetings and project work, often benefitting from the meeting room facilities available.
    7. Tech Startups: Dubai’s growing tech ecosystem makes shared office spaces a great choice for tech startups, offering access to like-minded professionals and resources.
    8. Sales and Marketing Teams: Sales and marketing teams can use shared spaces as regional or branch offices, maintaining a professional presence in Dubai.
    9. Creative Agencies: Creative agencies, such as design, advertising, and media companies, can find inspiring coworking environments that foster creativity.
    10. Professional Service Providers: Lawyers, accountants, and consultants can use shared spaces for client meetings and administrative support.
    11. Temporary Project Teams: Businesses assembling temporary project teams can benefit from the short-term leases and flexible setups offered by shared offices.
    12. International Businesses: Companies expanding into Dubai or seeking a regional presence can use shared offices as a cost-effective entry point.
    13. Event Organizers: Event planning companies can book shared office spaces for event coordination, preparation, and meetings.
    14. Non-profit Organizations: NGOs and non-profit organizations can access affordable office solutions while focusing their resources on their mission.
    15. Corporate Satellite Offices: Large corporations can establish satellite offices in shared spaces for regional operations or project teams.

    Shared office spaces in Dubai cater to a diverse range of professionals and industries, providing a collaborative and cost-efficient alternative to traditional office setups. The flexibility and amenities offered make them a suitable choice for businesses of various sizes and types.

    Shared office spaces in Dubai typically offer a wide range of amenities and facilities to meet the diverse needs of professionals and businesses. These amenities and facilities may include:

    1. Flexible Workstations: Open-plan workstations or hot desks for flexible seating arrangements.
    2. Private Offices: Enclosed offices of various sizes for individuals or teams seeking privacy.
    3. Meeting Rooms: Well-equipped meeting rooms and conference facilities for presentations and discussions.
    4. High-Speed Internet: Reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi or wired internet connectivity.
    5. Printing and Scanning: Access to printers, scanners, and photocopiers for document needs.
    6. Reception Services: Professional receptionists to greet guests and manage mail and packages.
    7. Mail Handling: Services for receiving and handling mail, including mail forwarding or scanning.
    8. Phone Services: Dedicated phone lines, call answering, and voicemail services.
    9. Kitchen and Refreshment Areas: Fully equipped kitchens with coffee, tea, and refreshments.
    10. Common Areas: Lounge areas for relaxation, informal meetings, and networking.
    11. Event Spaces: Facilities for hosting events, seminars, workshops, and networking gatherings.
    12. Administrative Support: Administrative services such as photocopying, faxing, and secretarial assistance.
    13. Security: Secure access control, surveillance, and on-site security personnel.
    14. Storage Facilities: Lockable storage units, cabinets, or lockers for personal or business belongings.
    15. IT Support: Technical support for troubleshooting IT issues.
    16. Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance of common areas and workspaces.
    17. Bike Storage: Facilities for storing bicycles for environmentally conscious commuters.
    18. Shower Facilities: Showers and changing rooms for those who cycle or exercise before work.
    19. Access Control: Keycards or biometric access for enhanced security.
    20. 24/7 Access: Some shared office spaces offer 24/7 access to accommodate various work schedules.
    21. Business Address: A prestigious business address for use on official documents and correspondence.
    22. Parking: On-site or nearby parking options for members and guests.

    When forming multiple companies, it is advisable for the first registered company to become the main tenant and occupy the entire unit initially. Once the second company completes the registration stage and receives provisional approval, the main tenant can then apply for the office sharing permit. This process ensures compliance with the necessary regulations and allows for a smooth transition to a shared office arrangement.

    Yes, many shared office spaces in Dubai provide flexibility for businesses to customize their workspace to suit specific needs. You can often choose from various membership options, add-on services, and office configurations to align with your business requirements, ensuring a tailored and productive environment.

    Yes, it’s possible to rent a shared office space in Dubai on a short-term or flexible basis. Many shared office providers offer membership options with month-to-month commitments, allowing businesses to adapt to changing needs without long-term leases.

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