Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE is important if you want to protect the brand name of your company in the United Arab emirates. It allows you to prevent unauthorized usage of your symbol, logo, or brand name. Besides allowing you to seek legal help, trademark registration in Dubai also allows consumers to identify your goods and services. That means it will help your products and services stand out from the crowd.


A trademark is a unique identifier, such as a name, symbol, or logo, that distinguishes a company’s products or services from others in the market. It can be a word, sign, letter, or image that signifies the origin of goods or services. Registering trademarks in the UAE is essential for brand protection and preventing unauthorized use. The UAE Ministry of Economy is responsible for overseeing the registration, renewal, and cancellation of trademarks.

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Trademark Registration

Steps and Procedures of Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

To initiate the process of establishing your business in UAE officially, trademark registration is essential. Follow these steps to register your brand in Dubai

Step 1. Initial Trademark Search

Before proceeding with trademark registration, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough search to ensure that the intended trademark is not currently in use. This step is essential to avoid potential conflicts. Utilizing the expertise of specialized business consultants in trademarking can assist in identifying any similar existing trademarks.

Step 2. Documentation Submission

Trademark applications in the UAE are processed by the Ministry of Economy. Required documents for submission typically include the trademark design, trade license, as well as passport or Emirates ID for identification purposes.

Step 3. Fee Payment

Trademark registration incurs processing fees, which need to be paid upon submission of the required documents. The cost of trademark registration is divided into various stages such as initial approval, publication fees, registration, certification, among others.

Step 4. Ministry of Economy Approval

The Ministry of Economy reviews the trademark application. If any existing trademarks are found to be similar or if there are irregularities in the application, it may lead to rejection. Engaging a business consultant to assist with the application process and paperwork can mitigate the risk of rejection.

Step 5. Publication in National Arabic Newspapers

To obtain public no-objection for the trademarked assets, the application is published in two national Arabic newspapers by the Ministry. There is a 30-day period during which the public can raise objections. If objections are received, the applicant must reconsider their branding and reapply with revised assets.

Step 6. Publication in National Arabic Newspapers

Upon successfully completing the above steps and clearing any objections, the applicant receives the Certificate for Trademark Registration in the UAE. The trademark certificate is valid for 10 years, after which renewal fees are required to retain the trademark.

Ensure compliance with all steps to successfully register your trademark in the UAE.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

For the trademark registration process in the UAE, the following documents are required:

  1. Completed application form for Trademark Registration in the UAE.
  2. Sample of trademark design, including the brand name.
  3. Confirmation of payment of the official fee.
  4. Copy of the Business trade license.
  5. Power of attorney (if applicable).
  6. List detailing the goods and services to be protected under the trademark.
  7. Identification (ID or passport) of the individual signing the application.
  8. Contact details of the applicant.

Ensuring all necessary documents are provided accurately and promptly facilitates a smooth trademark registration process in the UAE.

Dubai, UAE

Cost of Trademark Registration in UAE

The cost of trademark registration in the UAE is AED 10,500. This fee covers the registration of a trademark or brand and does not include additional expenses such as legal or translation fees.

Applicants can conveniently pay the trademark registration fee through the Ministry of Economy’s website. It’s essential to be meticulous and accurate when completing the application to avoid any errors or omissions that could lead to application rejection.

In case of application rejection, applicants have the option to challenge or revise their submissions as necessary. Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, the Ministry of Economy typically grants trademark registration approval within 30 days.

If you want to cancel your trademark registration in UAE then you can do from the Ministry of Economy’s website. You will need to submit an application and the required documents. You will also need to pay a cancellation fee of AED 1,500. Once your application is approved, the last step is to publish an announcement in two local newspapers.

How to Renew Your Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark owners must commence the renewal procedure within three months of the expiry date following the ten-year timeframe. While it’s advisable to renew promptly, any delay incurs a fine of 1,000 AED per month.

To renew your UAE trademark, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the UAE Ministry of Economy website and select the “Trademarks” option under the services section.
  2. Choose “Modification and Maintenance services.”
  3. Select “Trademark Renewal” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Include a copy of your original trademark registration certificate with your application.
  5. Pay the renewal fees within 30 days to avoid penalties.

Remember, owners have a three-month window from the expiry date to initiate the renewal process. It’s advisable to renew promptly to avoid fines, which amount to 1,000 AED per month for delays.

Advantages of Trademark Registration in UAE

Here are the reasons why you should always register your company for a trademark in the UAE:

1. Easy Trademark Registration :

There are many trademark registration companies in Dubai. Spider Business Center is considered the provider of the best services for business solutions. Our trademark registration services will make life easier for you.

2. Ownership Assurance:

Registering a trademark in the UAE guarantees exclusive ownership rights. This ensures that the resources invested in building the business are protected, enhancing credibility and securing ownership.

3. Easy Identification:

A registered trademark, whether it’s a logo, brand name, or symbol, facilitates easy identification of the business. It conveys emotional attributes and intellectual notions, establishing a reputation for the company and aiding in classification by consumers.

4. Copyright Protection:

The trademark registration process in Dubai provides legal protection for your trademark, accompanied by ownership rights symbols. This protection enables businesses to take legal action against any entity using a conflicting mark or illegally duplicating the trademark.

5. Enhanced Brand Value:

A registered trademark enhances the brand value of the company. It adds precision to the goods and services offered and positively impacts the perceived value of the brand. This strengthens the company’s position in the market and fosters trust among consumers.

6. Protection from Defective Brands:

Customers can identify the bad and defective products in the market from your dependable one. They can avoid those products or services and buy yours instead. If you are looking to register your company for a trademark in the UAE but do not know where to get started.  Contact us today and we will help you hit the ground running.

What is trademark registration validity in the UAE?

Upon completing the trademark registration process in the UAE, your trademark enjoys a validity period of 10 years. It’s crucial to renew your trademark after this period expires. It’s important to highlight that this registration is specific to the UAE jurisdiction. For assistance with trademark registration and renewal procedures, you can reach out to trademark specialists at Spider Business Consultancy. They can manage all aspects of the process on your behalf, ensuring compliance and continuity with your trademark rights.

How To Get A Trademark Certificate?

To obtain a Trademark Certificate in the UAE, follow these steps:

  1. Registration and Application Form Submission
  2. Payment of Initial Approval Fees
  3. Application Form Study and Review
  4. Publication in Local Newspapers
  5. Final Payment for Trademark Registration
  6. Receipt of Trademark Registration Certificate

How can I check if a brand is registered in Dubai?

You can utilize a service that enables customers to request a search of the trademarks registry. This search investigates the existence of a trademark that has either been submitted or registered, similar to the proposed trademark.

What is the symbol for registered trademark in UAE?

In the UAE, the “TM” symbol on a logo indicates that a trademark application has been filed for that particular logo but has not yet been fully registered. Conversely, the “R” symbol signifies that the logo has been officially registered as a trademark.

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Obtaining a legal business name is imperative as it plays a pivotal role in various stages of the Dubai company registration process. A compelling brand name not only expands your business reach but also fosters trust among customers.

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