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Trademark registration in Dubai, UAE is important if you want to protect the brand name of your company in the United Arab emirates. It allows you to prevent unauthorized usage of your symbol, logo, or brand name. Besides allowing you to seek legal help, trademark registration in Dubai also allows consumers to identify your goods and services. That means it will help your products and services stand out from the crowd.

When you register a trademark in UAE, it is automatically valid in all of the seven Emirates, which are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. Additionally, the Ministry of Economy is the governing authority for trademark registration in all of the Emirates. Trademark registration in Dubai will help you protect your business here in the country.

The trademark registration of your Company in the UAE will be valid under legal protection for ten years beginning from the date of registration. Furthermore, you can extend or renew the registration period for a fee. That is why the authorities in the UAE give a lot of importance to trademark registration.

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Trademark Registration

Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

When registering for the trademark in Dubai and the UAE, you need to provide some necessary documents to the officials. These documents will ensure the government can track your business to your goods and protect your trademark in case of any infringements. If you already have a business in the UAE, then procuring these documents should be easy.

Here are the documents required for trademark registration in the UAE:

  • Completed trademark registration application form
  • Sample of the trademark logo
  • Business trade license
  • Your Power of Attorney.
  • ID or passport of the applicant
  • List of goods or services the trademark will protect
  • Confirmation of the registration fee payment
  • Contact information of the applicant

Note: POA to be notarized up to Dubai Courts in UAE or any other court as per the respective country (Approx. cost Aed 210 (for UAE for example) – to be paid by you on actual basis).

Depending on the nature of products and services sold by your business, some more documents may be required for trademark registration. However, the documents mentioned here are always required regardless of the type of your business.

Dubai, UAE

Cost of Trademark Registration in UAE

The base cost of  trademark registering in UAE is approximately AED 8,500, and an additional AED 1,000 to publish your trademark in the official journal.

However, the actual cost will be different depending on your business, the newspapers you select to announce your trademark, etc. If you seek the assistance of business consultants and other specialists, then your cost will depend on the fees of their services.

Trademarks need to be renewed after every 10 years. The trademark renewal fee is AED 6,700. As we have mentioned before, if you seek the services of third parties to renew the trademark, then you need to pay their fees as well. The trademark is not void immediately after 10 years. However, you need to pay a fine of AED 1,000 for each month you delay the renewal of your trademark.

If you want to cancel your trademark registration in UAE then you can do from the Ministry of Economy’s website. You will need to submit an application and the required documents. You will also need to pay a cancellation fee of AED 1,500. Once your application is approved, the last step is to publish an announcement in two local newspapers.

Process to obtain Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

There are two ways you can register your trademark in the UAE. The first and easier way is to hire professionals to register the trademark for you. However, this will cost you more than the standard cost of registering a trademark.

The second and cheaper way to register the trademark is by yourself. However, if it is your first time registering a trademark in the UAE, this will be very hard to accomplish by yourself. In that case, it is suggested to get help from professionals.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to complete the trademark registration in UAE:

  • Ensure that the trademark is not already registered in the UAE
  • Fill out the application form on the Ministry of Economy’s website
  • Complete the trademark registration UAE cost payment
  • Wait for the application approval from the Ministry of Economy
  • Announce your trademark registration by publishing in two local newspapers
  • Receive the trademark registration certification from the Ministry of Economy

How to Renew Your Trademark Registration in UAE

We also provide services to renew the trademark you have already registered in the UAE. Trademark renew in Dubai is very important if you do not want to lose the rights to your products.

However, the trademark will not be available to the public immediately after the expiry date. You will still have three months to renew the trademark before it is made available for registration to the public.

But you will have to pay a fine of AED 1,000 for each month that you delay renewing your trademark. So, if you decide to renew your trademark after two months then you will have to pay an extra AED 2,000 on top of the renewal fees of the trademark.

A trademark you register in the UAE remains valid for 10 years. So, if you register now, you do not need to worry about it for a long time. However, it is not uncommon to forget about the renewal date.

So, it is suggested to put the renewal date on your calendar. You can set reminders on your electronic devices as well. Remember that the trademark you register here only protects your brand in the UAE. People can still register the name or logo for a trademark in other countries in the world.

Advantages of Trademark Registration in UAE
Here are the reasons why you should always register your company for a trademark in the UAE:
1.Easy Trademark Registration Process:

There are many trademark registration companies in Dubai. Spider Business Center is considered the provider of the best services for business solutions. Our trademark registration services will make life easier for you.

We will take care of the entire registration process, while you are free to make more important decisions for your business. All we need from you is the documents that are mandatory from the government of the UAE.

2. Customers can Identify the Brand:

It is important to retain customers if your business is to stay profitable in the long term. Your customers can identify your brand if you have a trademarked name and logo for your company. If not, the customers cannot find your product in the market. They cannot differentiate your product from the rest of the crowd.

3. Protect Brand Identity:

If you do not trademark your product and services, others can replicate and sell them without facing any consequences. You cannot take legal actions against them because you do not own the rights of the product or services.

4. Retain Quality and Trust:

Customers can identify the quality and dependability of your product. Your product will have the trust of the customers.

5. Protection from Defective Brands:

Customers can identify the bad and defective products in the market from your dependable one. They can avoid those products or services and buy yours instead. If you are looking to register your company for a trademark in the UAE but do not know where to get started.  Contact us today and we will help you hit the ground running.

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