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Ways to Building a Community in Coworking Space

Community in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are gaining immense popularity these days as more people are genuinely showing interest to work under a roof with other people. In a coworking space, you will come across people from different backgrounds and working relentlessly on their projects so that their business can flourish.

These shared spaces have gained more popularity because the individuals from the younger generation are more interested to open their startups and business ventures. Therefore, with so many people working in these in the same area, it is important that the community is formed. But how will it be possible? Let us have a look.

Effective Tips to Build a Community

When a community is formed people come together and support each other’s venture and make sure that there is a friendly working environment around the space. So here are some important tips that will help you to build a community in a coworking space.

  • Coworking letters and emails – the best way to reach out to the people who are a member of the coworking space is by sending them a letter or deliver them an email. With the help of letters and emails, the members of the space can stay updated about coworking events and meetings. This is a brilliant way of inviting and engaging the people to come to the various events, initiate an open talk and mix with the other people who are also present under the same roof.
  • Organize Happy Hours – organising happy hours in a coworking space has proved to increase the productivity of the employees. A full half an hour or more of interactive chat sessions with the different members of the coworking space helps to increase the knowledge and awareness of the members.

Thus, people show more interest in getting to know each other and explore different opportunities in their professional career together. Complimentary drinks like coffee or soft drinks during happy hours can also attract more people.

  • Organize social events – social events are a great way to bring all the different members of the coworking space together. These events can be a party night, debate session, game tournaments etc. Birthdays and other personal events can also be celebrated.

The events are fun and very much interactive which allows the members to come together. Celebrating any event together helps to build a positive relationship between the members.

  • Introduction of new members – when a new member arrives at the coworking office space, it becomes important that they are welcomed by all the existing members. This gesture allows the new members to fit in the working space in a better manner and helps them to initiate a conversation with the other people around.

So here are some essential tips that will prove to be really useful when you are trying to build a community in a coworking space. An active and friendly community ensures that every member of the working space is there for each other and the environment is full of positivity.

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