Hot Desking vs. Executive Office Rentals: Which is Best for Your Business?

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Dubai offers huge potential for any startup business. If you are planning to start your business in Dubai, you will need to fulfill a few requirements first. One of the requirements is to rent or lease office space before you can start your business activities.

What kind of office you will need to rent or lease will depend on the type of business you are trying to run. There are a few options available for you in the market.

Hot desks and executive office rentals are getting very popular lately. Both of these options have their benefits, but they also come with some drawbacks. Here you will get a decent idea of what kind of office spaces will be better suited for your business.

What Is Hot Desking?

Hot desking refers to an office with open office space. There are no fixed desks or rooms for the employees. During their shift, employees get to use any open desk available in the office.

At first, it seems like a great idea to save operating costs and promote teamwork and Collaboration in the office. But it comes with some downsides with the benefits. All the employees don’t share the same sentiment when it comes to hot desking.

What Is an Executive Office Rental?

An executive office is a fully furnished space that comes with different facilities like a break room, conference room, kitchen, prayer room, and others. The employees have separated and fixed workspaces in the office. The main benefit that comes with the executive office has to be privacy for the employees.

The operation cost tends to be a bit higher than other available options, but the benefits that come with executive office rental very well compensate for the cost.

Differences and Similarities Between Hot Desking and Executive Office

What kind of office is best suited for your company depends on the type of business activities you are trying to run. There are a number of differences and similarities between hot desking and executive office. You will need to make the decision considering what type of office space will serve you the best.

Here are some of the differences and similarities that you should consider while choosing an office space:

1. Cost

The cost of rent or lease plays a vital role in choosing office space for a business in Dubai. As hot desking comes with fewer facilities than an executive office, it is the cheaper option between these two. If your business focuses on low-cost operation, hot desking is the more suitable choice.

But an executive office will compensate you well for the price with its various facilities offerings like a break room, conference room, and many other amenities. If your company requires these facilities to run its daily operations, then an executive office is the best choice.

2. Teamwork and Collaboration

Hot desking offers the best environment for teamwork and Collaboration with its open office space. As the employees work at the same place at the same time, the chance of miscommunication is close to zero. Networking between employees is more accessible. Overall hot desking offers a more dynamic and productive environment. But all the employees may not be comfortable with this environment.

An executive office offers more freedom to different departments of the company. As a result, Collaboration between different departments of the company takes more time than hot desking. But each department gets to function independently without intrusion from other departments. Employees are also free to choose if they want to interact with employees from other departments. Overall, executive office space offers a more professional business environment.

3. Privacy and Personalization

Privacy plays an important role in the work life of employees. It can even determine how productive the employees would be. So, it is a major decision for you to make. The major drawback of hot desking has to be the lack of privacy and personalization for the employees. As the employees use any desk available to them in the office during their shift, they don’t get to personalize their workspace. There is no privacy because the office space is not fixed for the employees.

This problem is solved with executive office space rentals. A private executive office gives the employees privacy in their workspace and allows them to personalize it as they see fit. This even helps the employees to be more productive with their work.

4. Security

The employees need to feel safe in the office so that they can focus on their work without any worries. With hot desking, employees might not feel safe keeping their belongings unattended. And it might divide their attention and disrupt their productivity.

There is a sense of comfort that comes with having a private space. Some employees find it convenient to have a fixed workspace and daily routine. An executive office offers these feelings to the employees. It would help the employees to focus on their office duty which would result in more productive output.

5. Contact flexibility

Last but not least, both hot desking and executive office rentals have flexible contracts. You can rent them monthly, weekly, or daily in Dubai. It even has a rental option on an hourly basis. With this, you can eliminate the risk of going into long-term contracts on renting office spaces. As the COVID-19 pandemic proved, there are certain risks to owning permanent office spaces. So, if your plan changes suddenly due to various reasons, you can easily move or close shop when you are renting a hot desking or executive office space.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for the best office spaces in Dubai, then you are in the right place. Additionally, if you are still not sure which type of office space will be the best option for your specific business, then we are here to help you decide. To be fair, both hot desking and executive office space are attractive to a lot of businesses.

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