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Is A Coworking Space Better For Freelancers Than Working From Home?

Coworking Space vs homework spae

After the pandemic of early 2020 office workers who were accustomed to spending eight to ten hours a day at their work place have been left with no option but to work from home. Freelancers and digital nomads who were working out of coworking spaces and popular serviced office environments have also had to let go of these luxuries and work from home. Even though it may seem like a fun idea for those who have not had the chance to experience working from home, it can have some serious drawbacks. This is not to say that there are no benefits of working from home as it does boil down to personality type and personal preference.

Some people may be better suited to working from home than others. Just as some find it easy to manage while others have a hard time getting any work done.

Difference between working from home versus a coworking space

Time Management

Home is where you rest and very few people have a separate office space within there home. Generally people at home find themselves locked in their room when they want to work so that they can stay away from distractions. Some might prefer to sit outside, or on the roof or near the TV while they work. With all these distractions it can be hard to focus on work, and time goes flying by. People who are easily distracted by the home environment have low productivity and quality of work also deteriorates.

Being in a coworking space dedicates time to work, and when a person enters to coworking environment they are surrounded by a professional environment where everyone is busy doing something. This nurtures a good work routine and often helps people better manage the little time they have for work at the coworking space and get more done in a few hours than what they would at home in a full day.


People don’t generally plan to spend a lot of time working from home, and unless someone is very serious about it, a home office is just enough to get things done. By joining a coworking space freelancers and company employees are able to get access to high end amenities and equipment which would cost a lot to own individually.

Moreover these coworking spaces have access to commercial level solutions which are superior to small scale solutions. For those looking for a better infrastructure to work in, coworking spaces are the answer.

Social Life

Working from home can be a lonely activity and people end up feeling depressed and isolated. Having access to a coworking space gives the person a social life and access to a network of varied people. Interacting with different people is not only good for social life but it gives the person access to different views and opinions which can be immensely valuable to their work. Building connections and a good network are important parts of developing a good professional career and also if you are building a business.

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