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Advantages of a Serviced Office for Business Owners

Opening a business in Dubai, UAE, should not take you quite a week once you’ve arranged all your legal procedures. The guidelines and policy for each of these vary consequently and the categorization depends on the proprietary rights of the firm. If you are a foreign national, you might need to go for a Dubai Freezone Company Setup license, if you need 100% ownership of your business. However, before you begin your legal formalities, you would like to think about some components required in the process are:

Sole Ownership 

A sole ownership organization is a legal entity managed and owned by one person. She/he will be in complete control over the management and profits, although being 100 % liable for the business’s debts or the other monetary obligations.

Things to understand

  • A business or trade kind sole ownership can be held only by UAE or GCC nationals.
  • The proprietor of a consultancy kind of sole ownership should have a logical aptitude for the activity preferred.
  • A sole ownership organization can have just a single director.
  • The trade name must be associated with nature the business.
  • Sole ownership has no least condition for business capital.
  • The Company Setup Dubai and its branches can be sold but the business or trade type of company can only be sold to UAE or GCC nationals.
  • Sole ownership will have branches, which might complete all activities integrated with a license of the parent organization.

Joint Venture Company

The proprietorship is shared by at least of two partners who fall into one general partner and one limited partner type.

Things to understand

  • UAE nationals should be general partners in the an easy limited joint venture. Partners of different nationalities should be limited partners.
  • Limited partners must not interfere in administrative or managerial problems of general partners. If they are doing, therefore, they will become liable for all of the business liability.
  • There’s no condition on the share of proprietorship of limited or general partners.

One-Individual Organization

A limited liability organization owned by a person or a company body is named a one-individual organization. The distinction between sole ownership and this legal type is that the liability is restricted to the control of the shares by the owning entity.

Things to understand

  • A UAE or GCC nationals can set up and owned this legal type of organization.
  • The proprietor is an investor and his liability is restricted to the worth of the shares he holds.
  • A company body that is 100% owned by UAE or GCC nationals.
  • The brand name must include owner name, legal form (one individual co.) and last part with LLC.

Branch of Dubai Freezone Company Setup

If you have a business whose primary license was issued by a Dubai free zone company, you can obtain a branch license to grow your functioning to mainland Dubai. If you don’t have a local investor with any less than 51% proprietorship, you require an authorization from the Ministry of Economy and have a local service representative.

Representative Workplace

A representative workplace is definitely not an entire structure business and is somewhat an activity that a branch of an overseas company will do. It has permission to market and promotes the parent organization’s business, however, cannot interact in business operations. Such branches should have a local service representative.

Branch of a Based Company Setup Dubai

A Branch of a based Company Setup Dubai should accept all or one of the activities integrated into the main firm license. For a company with various branches, all branches can accept various activities as long as they were all integrated into the new license for the primary company.

Branch of a Foreign Company Setup Dubai

A company registered in a foreign country will have a branch in UAE, Dubai, which will be its Dubai head office and under the business authority of Dubai. No import of products is permitted by the branch and this must be done through a local trade organization. The branch is under 100% proprietorship of the parent firm.

These structures are appropriate for new companies set up in Dubai, without all Dubai Freezone Company Setup. If you’re a foreign nationality, you may want to go for a Dubai Freezone Company Setup license, if you want 100%proprietorship of your business. Reach us Spiderbc today for help with your business set up without any issues 100% Ownership.