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5 Ways to Find Commercial Space for Rent

Commercial Space for Rent in dubai

Finding a commercial space for rent is a challenging task as it requires extensive research, time, and effort.  Getting your hands on an unsuitable space for your business can prove disastrous for your business. For Example, if you find a space that is not populated or with minimum population, it can damage your business on various levels.

There are also several other factors such as rent, size, and the total budget which play an essential part in the type of office space that is suitable for your business center. Finding the right space for your office is indeed a daunting task but it is a piece of cake if you follow a few essential steps.

Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker 

The best way to find a suitable office space for rent in Dubai is to hire a real estate broker. Commercial real estate broker’s sole work is to lease and sell commercial property and industrial real estate. 

Besides your commercial attorney, your real estate broker will also be your expert advisor though out your leasing process. Your commercial real estate broker will also help you to negotiate and score the best possible deal. Brokers can help you to negotiate a bunch of things such as build-out allowances, rental rates, and rent abatement periods, and much more.

Search on the internet:

These days the internet is known as the most valuable source of information. It’s a place where anything and everything is just a click away. If you have just begun researching you might start it with the internet. There are tons of websites available on which commercial property owners place a listing. This is the best way to save yourself a broker’s fee and also get to know about the market rental rates. Sites such as craigslist offer a wide variety of virtual offices for rent

Network with Business Owners:

Business owners located in your area and the areas nearby can be also a great resource when searching for the perfect shared office space in Dubai. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are often interlinked like a family and often hear each other talking about the spaces that are available for rent. 

Take a drive in the Neighborhood:

Another great way to search for a private office for rent is to drive around in the neighborhood you want to start your business in.  Keep your eye on all the buildings that have empty parking lots during peak hours or have boarded-up windows. You will also come across “for lease” signs in the window often accompanied by a number to call. 

Local Newspaper:

You can also take a look at your local newspaper by realtors but pay close attention to listings posted by individuals. Landlords who can rent their coworking space in Dubai without a realtor save their money as they do not have to pay the commission. Make sure to try and use that knowledge for your benefit. 

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