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Need an Address for GST Registration? A Virtual Office is the Answer

GST Registration in Dubai

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration process in Dubai requires you to have an office address. However, not all businesses today require a physical base of operation. For those businesses, it is a waste of capital to rent or lease an office space just for the purpose of GST registration.

You do not require a physical office space as a startup, small online business, or freelancer. However, you will still be required to provide a business address for several legal reasons other than the GST registration. A virtual office in Dubai is the perfect answer for all of the entities that do not require physical office space for their day-to-day operation.

What is GST Registration?

The GST registration is the abbreviation for the Goods and Services Tax registration. It is required for a business that exceeds taxable turnover of AED 375,000 to complete the GST registration. Businesses with a turnover less than AED 375,000 but higher than AED 187,500 can also complete the GST registration, but it is not mandatory for them.

Businesses that have completed the GST registration need to maintain proper documents. These documents will enable the respective authorities to check the correctness of the Goods and Services Tax to be paid. Businesses need to timely file for VAT returns and make the tax payments.

Here are the documents a business needs to maintain after the GST registration is completed:

1. Sales invoices
2. Purchase invoices
3. Sales returns
4. Purchase returns
5. Tax ledgers
6. Purchase register
7. Sales registers

Documents Required for the GST Registration in Dubai:

Some documents are mandatory from the government of the UAE during the GST registration. These documents are required for regulatory purposes. They will help the authorities keep records and track your business for the foreseeable future. These documents will also help the relevant authorities help determine the tax payable for your business.

Here are the documents required for the GST registration in Dubai:

  • Trade license
  • Emirates ID
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bank account details
  • Detailed business plan
  • List of business activities being performed
  • Turnover of the last 12 months
  • Projected future turnover
  • Expected values of import and export
  • Details of Customs Authority Registration
  • If the business is expecting any GCC supplies

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a type of office provided by several of the business centers found all around Dubai. It provides businesses with a prestigious business address, a business phone number, phone answering services, mail handling services, etc. Business centers also allow you to use their meeting rooms once in a while when you rent a virtual office from them. So, whenever a client, potential investor, or any other business associate wants to meet, you can easily do so at the business address.

dubai virtual office

Businesses that work remotely or completely over the internet can benefit a lot from virtual offices. Virtual offices allow businesses to operate from various locations simultaneously. Entrepreneurs can work from home and still provide a professional business address on their business cards. Aside from the official reasons, you should get a business address for privacy reasons as well. You should not provide your home address and personal phone number for business purposes.

The success of virtual offices can be contributed to their affordability. Since you are not renting or leasing a physical space, the cost of virtual offices is very affordable. On top of that, there are no maintenance costs associated with virtual offices. Part of the success is also attributed to videoconferencing and other productivity software.

Other Benefits Provide by Virtual Offices:

Other than the GST registration, you also need a business address to obtain the business trade license in the UAE. There are several reasons that make it compulsory for businesses in the UAE to have office space. However, that does not mean that you need to rent an office space that serves no other purpose other than to fulfill official registrations. Virtual offices provide a lot of benefits that will help your business excel.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive from virtual office in Dubai:

1. Prestigious Business Address

Virtual offices provide you with a prestigious business address that would have otherwise cost you a fortune. Startups and small businesses usually cannot afford a business address in a buzzing commercial district. But with the advent of virtual offices, now any business can own an office address in these prestigious locations.

2. Cost-Efficient

Without a physical space and without any maintenance work, virtual offices end up being very cost-efficient. When starting out businesses are already very low on cash. They can use the saved capital to further enhance their products and services.

3. Business Phone Number and Phone Handling

Virtual offices also provide you with a business phone number. The dedicated business phone number makes your business seem more professional. Business center also provide a call handler, who will receive any calls in and respond according to your instructions.

4. Mail Handling and Mail Forwarding

You can set the business address provided by the virtual office as your official mailing address. The staff on-site will receive any packages delivered to the address in your name and await further instructions. You can have them delivered to your home if you choose to do so.

5. Full-Time Receptionist

Business centers have full-time receptionists under their own payroll. That means you get a receptionist and other administrative staff without having to pay for them. They will receive and direct your guests if anyone decides to visit the physical address. There are troubleshooters and technicians who will help with any difficulties you might face during a meeting.

If you are looking for a virtual office in Dubai for the GST registration purpose or any other reasons whatsoever, then you are at the right place. We provide the best virtual offices in the UAE with all the benefits you can expect. With our virtual offices, you will have a business address in the prestigious Conrad Hotel – Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

With Spider Business Center, your office will be located at the prestigious Conrad Hotel – Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Feel free to drop by or contact us at your convenience.

Feel free to drop by or call us at +971 5570 12754. Send a WhatsApp Message for Chat Query on +971 557012754 or email us at

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