Comparing Serviced Executive Office Rentals and Conventional Office Spaces

Serviced Executive Office Rentals

The economy of Dubai is booming. If you are planning on starting up a business in Dubai, now is the perfect time. Start-up businesses in Dubai are growing at an exponential rate. And the growth potential is huge.

Even the Dubai govt is modifying and adding new policies to support the entrepreneur and ease the process the starting up a new business.

Now, whatever business you are planning on starting, you will need to lease or rent an office space that will be your main office. It will be your center of operation. When choosing which office space to rent or lease, you will have to consider a variety of factors.

For example, the size of your business, storage for the resources, cost of rent or lease, location, and many others. Serviced Executive Office and Conventional Office Space are two of the many available options which are getting pretty popular these days.

Depending on the type of business activities you will be performing, your requirements will decide what type of office will be best suited to your needs.

What Is Serviced Executive Office Rental?

Serviced Executive Offices are small furnished offices that come with various shared facilities like reception areas, lobby, conference, and many more.

It doesn’t matter if you rent a small office or a large one, you are free to use the common facilities. You can also rent it for a short period of time which makes it the best choice for entrepreneurs.

What Is Conventional Office Space?

Conventional Office space is required to rent for a long period of time, and there is a minimum of square feet that you will have to lease. Additionally, it doesn’t come with any furnishing. You will need to get the office furnished and equipped with the facilities required to run your business operations.

Differences and Similarities Between Serviced Executive Office Rentals and Conventional Office Spaces

Before you rent an office space, you will need to consider your business activities and the benefits of each of the options provided. After considering the benefits, you can choose the option best suited for your business.

Here are some of the differences and similarities that you should consider while choosing an office space:

1. Ready to Use

Compared to conventional office space, a serviced executive office comes with all the amenities you will need to run your business. A conventional office space requires furnishing.

But in the case of a serviced executive office, all you need to do is plug in your gadgets and start working, and it comes as a fully furnished and fully equipped instant office.

2. All-in Facilities

A serviced executive office comes with all the share facilities like a lobby, reception, conference room, and many others. The facilities are available to you even if you rent the smallest office room.

So, it is easier for a start-up business to rent an office and start its operation as soon as possible. On the other hand, with conventional office space, you will need to design, set up, and furnish the facilities required to run your business before you can start your business operations.

As a result, it will take some time before you can start your activities with a conventional office space.

3. Contact flexibility

The terms of the contract are more flexible in the case of A serviced executive office. You can rent a serviced executive office for a short period of time, like six months or a year. That’s not the case for conventional office space.

If you want to rent a conventional office space, you will need to get into a long-term contract. The minimum length is a year for conventional office space rentals. So, it doesn’t look like a sustainable option for entrepreneurs.

4. Up-To-Date Technology

A Serviced executive office is equipped with all the latest technologies that include high-speed internet connection, communication system, and many more. They are available for you to use by renting an office.

A service executive office also comes with its own IT support team. But in the case of a conventional office space rental, you will need to pay to get your own private internet connection.

With a private internet connection, your date and online transactions will be safer compared to a serviced executive office. But you will also need to bear the extra cost.

5. Personalization

A serviced executive office rental doesn’t give much of an option for personalization. As all the amenities come pre-equipped with the rental, you don’t get to choose the amenities you want. They are all available to you. You can choose not to use them.

You will also not be able to personalize your office space, and it comes furnished with the rental. But the opposite is true for a conventional office space rental. With conventional office space, you will get to design your own office space with the facilities you want.

As a result, you will be able to design your office and add facilities that complement your business activities, as a conventional office space gives you all the options for personalization.

6. Restrictions

There are restrictions that come with the contract of renting a serviced executive office space. The facilities that come with a serviced executive office space will be available for you to use, but there will be time limits like how many times you can use it in a month and when you can use it.

But there are no such restrictions with conventional office space rentals. As you design and set up all the facilities you want, you get to use how and when you want to use those facilities.

7. Cost-saving

If you consider the cost, a service executive office is the cheapest option between these two. You get to use the facilities that come with the rental of a service executive office without incurring any extra cost. But in the case of a conventional office space rental, you will need to design your office space and setup as you see fit.

It will cost you a pretty penny. You will also need to bear the cost of facilities you want to add to your office space. Overall, the cost of the rental will be much higher. This makes service executive office rental the best option for an entrepreneur to start their business.

But if you need an office space for a long period of time with a higher number of working employees and can bear the cost of the rental, you can go for a conventional office space rental.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for the best office spaces in Dubai, then you are in the right place. Additionally, if you are still not sure which type of office space will be the best option for your specific business, then we are here to help you decide.

To be fair, both Serviced Executive Offices and Conventional Office Spaces are attractive to a lot of businesses.

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